Monday, August 9, 2010

The Winning Team

I was looking at some of my older pieces and found this funny note! Perhaps funny only to me but indulge me as I recount this anectdote. And rest assured, I will forward it to my friend Kerby who now resides in D.C.
-for a laugh!

I have a friend who lives here in Houston but is originally from New York. Accent and all! By default I guess that he "has" to be a New York Mets fan too! Make no mistake, he's a fan all right! Yeah I know, "What a LOSER"!!! lol I'm a die-hard Astros fan. Everytime they are in town we take turns at giving each other grief about both teams. He claims the Astros are not even in the same "league" as the Mets... Of course we're not! We have class!! Silly Kerby.
The Mets will forever be the ENEMY in my world! I just can't take the sour taste out of my mouth that they left way back when in 1986... The only good thing I will EVER say about the New York Mets is that I used to be in love with their pitcher, Ron Darling No. 12. He was HOT!!! lol
I'm currently looking for a 12 step program that will encourage Kerb to face his horrible addiction to "that" team and stop the madness!!!
I will keep everyone posted on his progress!

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