Monday, August 9, 2010

A Wedding, A Death and A New Job

Things have been so weird for me lately. My emotions have been running rampant and I haven't been able to get rid of the "monster" which is what I affectionately call my current bout with depression. But life goes on right? Right.

So this weekend, my brother Carlos and his wife Khristine decided to get married. -Again! They've been married for 5 years now but just recently decided that they needed to be married in the church. Besides, every Catholic knows that a wedding is just not a wedding if it's not in a church! Well, that's what my brother Carlos thinks anyway. The ceremony was very nice. Very simple, intimate (just a few friends and family). The reception took place in their home, outside -gazebo style. At least that was the plan! Mother nature on the other hand, had her own agenda. Just as the musician hired to entertain us with his voice and guitar, started setting up, the skies opened up and rained on our parade -er, wedding. We scrambled about moving everything inside and within a matter of a few minutes, all was well again in the Salvatierra household and the celebrating commenced! It's always fun when our family is together. Lots of laughter, picture taking, eating, drinking, dancing and more drinking! Good times!

Just as we arrived to my brother's house after the wedding ceremony, we were met with devastating news. My brother Rene's wife, had just lost her daddy to horrible, unexpected and menacing death. Her father had been ill and in the hospital for over a week, but it was nothing life-threatening. Until Saturday, when the illness took over his body, and he took a turn for the worse. It happened so fast. Needless to say, none of us felt like celebrating much after receiving the news. We all knew him, our families were friends. I felt so bad for him, for my sister in law and her family, and for my beautiful nieces. So sad. But because we knew he would have wanted us to "celebrate" and not be sad, we did just that.

New Job
Just as I sat down and started mapping out my week, trying to figure out who I was going to harass for an interview, a job, my phone rang. It was after 8:00 p.m. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer it! lol They left a message and after checking it, I found out that it was a potentinal employer I had interviewed with last week. He offered my the position! Told me to call him to "firm" things up. Firm -ha! As in law firm. -Pun totally intended. So I called him back, tied a few loose ends and just like that, I am employed again. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I feel so light I think I can fly now! lol

My weekend in a nutshell.

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