Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Review -Sort of and Then Some

I finally went to see Eat.Pray.Love the other night! What did I think about it? Hmmm, well Javier Bardem is sexy hott! (yeah he merits a double t!) Oh you meant what did I think about the movie! lol Ok, ok, what I gathered from this movie was that a woman comes to the realization that what she thought she once wanted, really wasn't what she wanted at all. And she goes to extremes to change her life. I did like the movie. It had it's moments, but for the most part it was alright. I still prefer the book to the movie though. But then again, I always prefer the book to the movie. I loved the music! It was very "exotic" and it "took you places"...

It made me ponder my own life and my current quest for a better and healthier Yvonne. It also made me reflect on certain aspects of my life that I have yet to realize, or perhaps, never realize, and that made me a little sad. But the sadness soon dissapated, as I remembered how very lucky and fortunate I am to be alive and to be living in this moment. Everything else is just gravy baby! --Someone I know used to say that all the time! I'll have to remember to THANK him for embedding it in head (said I, in my most sarcastic tone!)

All that being said, I spoke to another friend of mine who also saw the movie. Her take on it was incredulous. Meaning, she thought it was "over the top". Her reasons were that not EVERYONE can just take a sabbatical and roam the world on a whim for a year. That "real" people in the "real" world have responsibilities and commmitments and well, a life. I gently reminded her that this movie was based on a "true" story. And I disagreed with her, if someone, anyone, wanted, really wanted to take a sabatical, not necesarily across the world, it could be anywhere, all they had to do was GO. Just go. If someone wants it bad enough, they will do whatever it takes to do it. I believe that whole-heartedly. She did not share my opinion so we agreed to disagree.

I'm curious, what do you think? Do you think it takes guts to do what she did? Would you be able to? I keep saying I want to live in Spain. I don't know for how long, I just know that that is what I have wanted to do for years. And yet, I am still here. What's holding me back? Truthfully? Nothing. Myself. And that, ladies and gents, is what I am working on; living. I see Espana in my future and I can almost taste it, what's on your palate?


Belle said...

My dream was to go on an archeology dig as a volunteer. I thought I could do that when the kids grew up, but they needed me to help them with their kids, and I had a husband who wanted me right next to him as he watched John Wayne kill the baddies.
Am I sorry? No, not really. I made the right choice for me. But if nothing is holding you back, I say go for it.
(Although in our society we all usually have the Visa bill holding us back)

Yvonne said...

Ha! I'm working on it and hope to go in the near future!