Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Midnight Ramblings From An Insomniac

It's so quiet here in my room. The tv is on but on mute, it keeps me company as I sit here and try and write. The only noise is the clackity-clack from the keyboard as I type. But in my head, well that's a completely different story! I mean, it's like a party in there! So much noise, so much clutter, so much.

In the "Party" room- there are thoughts and questions about my weekend and future birthday parties to attend! Lots of planning and perhaps traveling to do...

In the "Worry" room- we have the Debbie Downers discussing financial woes, bleak job prospects, future medical issues -bleh! No fun in here!

In the "Think Positive" room - Well in here everything is good. Serene. Hopeful, expectant, balanced. -Good times here!

Then there is the last room, the "Life is Beautiful" room. This is where I come to pray and ponder all of my blessings. And this is where I give thanks, every day.

So that's it. All that noise in my head unveiled.

Aren't you glad you stayed???