Thursday, August 26, 2010

The "M" Word

People never cease to amaze me and not always in a "good" way either! I recently learned that someone I know is going through a very ugly divorce. When I say ugly, I mean, "bag over your face" ugly! It's really sad and unfortunate. However, nothing new there, seems everyone I know is getting divorced these days! Pity really. Doesn't anyone believe in the sanctity of marriage anymore? It seems people are very blase' about it now. I guess this bothers me so much because I happen to believe in it very much. The whole God made man and woman to marry and have children and live as "happily ever after" as humanly possible. Not too many people would agree with me, friends and family included. (Not all of them, just a few)

So what gives? Is it that people just don't want to work at it anymore? Or is simply easier to just "give up" and cut your losses and leave? And then what if there are children involved??? Ugh! The whole thing just irritates me. Sigh, I suppose I'm just upset to hear that that individual I know is ending their marriage. Makes me sad. And so I'm venting.

This won't deter my feelings about marriage though. I still believe in it whole-heartedly. Is it for me? Only time will tell, but I hope so.


KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Speaking as someone who is divorced I still believe in marriage and all it entails. But it takes TWO people who are willing to stick it out, work through their differences and compromise to build a life together. If one person could make a marriage work the divorce rate would be extremely low because very rarely do both people want out at the same time.

Did I want my marriage to work? Absolutely! But there are things within a marriage that only those two people understand and live through. Just like raising a child, it takes a village to make a marriage work, you must surround yourself with people who cheer you on and are honest to tell you when you are f-ing up. Society is not like that anymore.

I can on and on with this because it is a different point of view when you have been married and have been divorced. It is not a stigma, it does not mean you 'gave up' easily or do not view marriage for the 'sanctity' of wedlock. Maybe for a few it does, but there are those who went into it with the right outlook.

Just my 2 cents...

Yvonne said...

I appreciate your comments Kay C. I realize that not everyone gives up or throws in the towel without a fight and I know that having never been married myself, my perception can be a bit skewed. Having lived through my own parents divorce at an "adult" age, I know all too well that some people, no matter how much they love each other, are just not meant to be married. Thanks again for your comments, appreciate them!