Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Brother, big sister

My little brother is getting married next Friday.

Finally!! -As my parents both commented when he gave them the news.
He's not so "little" anymore, he's all of 38 years old. lol But he will always be my "little" brother. I'm the oldest, I can say things like that and get away with it!

So he proposed to his girlfriend of a "very long damn time" on Christmas eve. She (the intended bride to be) gushed about it as she replayed the whole scenario of the manner in which he proposed. I have to hand it to him, he was clever and very romantic but not in a "cheesy", Chicago song playing in the background kind of way. (I'm not knocking Chicago either, I love that band!) lol

and then there was me.

I'm the lone survivor of the Salvatierra clan that has not gotten married. My mother has just about given up any kind of hope. I think her mission now is to get me to bear her a grandchild. Never mind that she has three already! haha, God love her! But that's another story for another blog...

Back to my little brother...

I love all them, my brothers and my sister. But this brother, I am closest in age with and have a "special" kind of bond with. We fight still, and insult each other, and laugh with each other etc., but he is always in my corner and I in his. No matter what.

When he told me he had proposed I was excited and happy for him. I even cried as I drove home that night. But I didn't understand if I was crying out of happiness or sadness or both.
Not the kind of sadness you feel when you are leaving your family, I mean, we've all been on our own for a very long time now, we're no Spring chickens you know! I guess I felt a little sad but in a good way. The kind that makes you write things like this at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. The kind of "sad" that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside...

So the wedding ceremony is next Friday. They have decided to forego the "traditional" church wedding/dance/etc. for a more intimate type of ceremony instead. Which in hindsight, I believe is the best choice! Hello! My family is half Mexican/Nicaraguense, "PACHANGA" is embedded in our soul! Imagine what a production they would have had to put on!! lol Still, I'm sure we will ALL manage to put in a little "sazon" or as the late Celia Cruz use to say "Azucar" to thier "small" wedding! lol -Silly them!!!! lol

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