Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sometimes we don't want to face the truth.
Our truths.

Oh sure, we go on and on about other peoples problems and counsel them on what they should or shouldn't do but when it comes to us, to looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing the "real" you...well then, all bets are off...

"You don't know me"

"It wasn't my fault"

"It won't happen again"...

Denial. Denial. Denial.

The truth hurts. A lot.

Facing it head on, realizing that no one is really "against" you or out to "get you" and accepting your failures, is a step in the right direction.

Getting there, however, is so hard to do sometimes. I mean, how many times can we fall and get back up and fall and get back up, and fall and get back up once again??? How many before we just stay in the "defeated" category?

I had to look in the "mirror" recently and I did not like what I saw. I had become the very person I fought so hard not to become. So again, I get back up and start over and re-group.

Forgiveness. That's the key.

Staring into the mirror at the stranger who had taken over my body, I hugged myself, told myself I was loved by me, but most importantly, I forgave myself, thus, allowing for healing and growth.


May said...

An uphill battle, isn't it? This is a brave and honest post. I think I will read it again and attempt to join you in the battle.

Stasha said...

Forgiveness is indeed the key. And also the hardest part.

Alida said...

Forgiveness and vital!

Yvonne said...

May - Awesome! WE can do it!

Stasha- indeed it tis!

Alida - Not mention necessary!

Kathy Salvatierra said...

Hi! I found you blog because my mom's name is also Yvonne Salvatierra and you share the same day of birth. We live in Panama City, Panama.
You have a lovely blog by the way.