Thursday, August 30, 2007

Together. Alone.

My friend Mikey once posted a blog about "being alone together" and it prompted me to think about something...

I joined a certain dating site almost three years ago. My initial reason for doing this was to meet men somewhere other than the typical bar/club scenario. All of my friends are now married. I'm the lone "unmarried friend" they all have in common! haha Also, I got tired of going places alone. So I stumbled upon this site and thew caution to the wind.

While in the beginning I dated pretty frequently and had a "relationship" here and there those relationships ended. Amicably. But they ended so I moved on...after a while it became a community for singles more than a "dating" site. I remember having plans every night of the week and on the weekends and through all this strangers became acquaintances and acquaintances became friends...I was able (and still am) to call up one of the guys from the "group" and invite him out to meet me for a drink or a movie or the ballet -whatever... I was able to call anyone and that was cool! I now had a set of friends who were not married and who could come and go at a moment's notice. (there is an exception to the men and women who are parents, they often needed/need more than a moment's notice and that is respected and obliged as often as it can be) Suddenly it didn't matter that I was alone on New Years Eve because I was going to be with friends -friends who had the same commonality as me -being single. And that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that just because we're "alone" i.e. not involved romantically with anyone- we're not ALONE...we can be alone together. Surrounded by good friends, good company, laughter, merriment, drunken debauchary --okay okay, maybe not debauchary! lol drunk nevertheless! hahaha I often wonder what would have happened had I not taken the plunge and dared myself to go to functions by myself and make friends when I didn't know a soul at a gtg! Hmm...I think I would be very lonely... I'm glad I was brave that day! haha

I mean, I would love nothing more than to have someone special in my life. Lord knows it's been a LONG ASS time for me and I have been a good girl so I deserve it! haha But for whatever reason, it's not my time yet and so I wait. -along with others! (hehe)

Maybe it's the holiday season or maybe I'm just hormonal (ha!) but I truly am grateful for each and every one of you that I have come in contact with.

Yeah I know I sound cheesy and overly sensitive and before you ask, no I've not had any wine tonight (haha)! I'm just in a good place in my life. Sure I've got problems, I've got a lot actually, but I know they will work out and I will be fine. So why worry over things I have no control over??? I choose to celebrate my friends instead.

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