Sunday, May 18, 2014

silent interludes

daring each other
with every conversation

every word
goes dangerously
further than before

forbidden fantasies
remain only fantasies

stolen glances
secret smiles

hoping that one or the other
will dare enough for
both of us

but knowing
neither of us will

and so instead
we dance around
day after day

emotions growing
craving that
which cannot be

silent interludes


Miss Vicki said...

Interesting words :-D

Robin said...

Is there anything more intoxicating than unrequited love? You will never know how it could be so it becomes huge and glorious in your imagination.

Yvonne said...

Miss Vicki- thanks!

Robin- I can think of a couple of more things that can be a little more intoxicating but I totally agree with you, too. ha!

Although, this piece was more about the forbidden than the unrequited love. Of which, I am an expert in both. ;)