Sunday, May 25, 2014

just me and my friend "insomnia"

it's 2:00 a.m. in the space city and i'm wide awake.  luckily tomorrow is sunday and i can sleep in a little. maybe.  my body doesn't seem to grasp the notion of "sleeping in on the weekends", regardless if i have insomnia or not.

blah.  in other news, my holiday weekend started off with a concert friday night.  journey played in my fair city, along with the steve miller band.  they are bands that i grew up listening to and were all the rage in the early seventies and eighties.  they actually still are pretty popular, the sold out venue where they played friday night, solidified this as fact.
the concert was great.  i was there with a group of friends and we sang along at the top of our lungs, along with everyone else in the crowd. all of a sudden eveyone was everyone's friend or bro.  lots of high-fives and fist pumps were given.  that's what happens when a huge crowds gathers and starts drinking hours before the concert even starts.  good times indeed.  heh.

but really, what's on my mind tonight, er, this morning, is something having to do with men (of course) but it can also be for women as well. when i was asked recently, to describe my idea of the "ideal" man for me, i gave my litany of qualities i would like him to have.  well the person that posed the question, then went on to tell me that basically, i was delusional and there was no such man that existed.  which bothered me because i wasn't making crazy demands. anyway, he went on to tell me that the person i described was "perfect" and "perfect" didn't exist.  i rebutted by saying that one person's imperfection may be another person's perfection. i don't want perfect.  i want perfect, for me.  how is that delusional?  the same can be said for men.  in the end, i think both men and women alike, are looking for the same thing, which is someone who loves them, is kind to them, and makes them happy.  sounds simple right?  if only it was.

what are your thoughts?

another thing on my mind tonight or this morning (all a matter of perspective, bloggies) is that i just found out someone i used to know, recently got engaged.  i am so happy for him.  i really am.  that news made me smile.  i wish i could tell him that, but i can't.  so instead i tell him here, in the confines of my blog. congratulations friend, i wish all the happiness in the world to you and your beloved.

my mind is reeling with all kinds of things in my head right now.  i'm sitting in silence but the chaos in my head is loud and  rowdy.  i thought writing would somehow quiet it down but no, not even close. that may be my cue to step away from the computer.  i know i'm not really making much sense.  and i'm totally sober too.

enough.  let me put this post out of it's misery.

enjoy your weekend kids, i'll be back after i've gotten some sleep.

in the meantime, be good. or be bad and come tell me about it.



Alessandra said...

Hi Yvonne,
it's been such a long time. I'm happy to see you're still around and doing well (minus the insomnia). So much has changed for me, maybe I'll start blogging about it again. Really glad to read you again

David Batista said...

You seem to have the right idea about the man that is perfect "for you." Couldn't have said it better myself.

And, believe it or not, but I *LOVE* the Steve Miller Band!!! I used to listen to their albums as a teen -- but this being the 90s, of course, so it wasn't quite the "cool" thing to do as it might have been in the 70s. LOL!

Favorite song to this day is still "Winter Time." Knowing me, of course, you probably realize why. ;)

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Ah insomnia, I know it well. My mind never stops, no matter how badly i need sleep. I think I got that from my mom. We're a family of worriers :/

I think everyone has a list of traits their idea man/woman would possess, and I dont know why anyone would criticize you for it. Of course we're not going to find the 'perfect' person -- it's a wishlist! Oy...some people take things too literally.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Red Shoes said...

Hey Sunshine.. well, what are your characteristics of the 'ideal' man? Or did I miss them??

I would agree though... each person's criteria will be different... at work, everyone laughs when i start telling 'dating' stories, because they invariably start off with, 'this crazy woman used to date...'


Those are both good bands!! I have tickets for McCartney in NOLA... I'm taking my daughter... we should have a blast!!!


Yvonne said...

Alessandra- Hello! It's so nice to hear from you again. I wondered where you went. Can't wait to hear all about your changes. Thank you for dropping by again. :)

David- Ha! Funny guy, you are! I would never take you for Steve Miller Band fan. But just goes to show what good taste you have. :) By the way, I'm so sorry to hear about your winter's demise. Be glad you're not in Houston, where the forecast for the next three months will be: Hot, Hotter, Hell.

Chris- hey you! yes, insomnia is horriblle. i know that you can relate, i remember reading about it in your blog. can't wait to read the next part of your story! :)

Red- Hey honey! No you didn't miss them because I didn't list them, ha! I was more upset at my friend for criticizing my response to his question. We have something in common, I too, start off my stories with something similar to your stories. Mine go like this, "This idiot that I went out with..." -same difference.

Oh wow! McCartney in NOLA? Awesome! I saw him here in Houston a couple of years ago and I still get chills from his performance. You and your daughter will have a blast!