Sunday, March 23, 2014

i'm baaaack!

testing, testing, is this thing on? can anyone hear me? or better yet, is anyone still here?  i know, i know, i've been a bad blogger and an even worse blog visitor.  i've been neglecting my bloggies and that's just so wrong.  my apologies dear ones.  i have no real excuse other than, i just didn't want to blog.  nothing else.  but i'm back and i promise to visit your play pens just as soon as i can.  pinky swear and all that.

well, we're midway through march.  how's that working out for you so far?  i can tell you how it's not working out for me.  for instance, i have not won the lotto.  i have not lost 20lbs like i am supposed to. -though, that one may still happen.  i still have seven days to go. heh.  oh and i have not met anyone of the male persuasion that i may be even remotely interested in dating.  wait that's not entirely true.  i did meet someone that i would love or would have loved to get to know.  but alas, he is married.  so i moved him to the friend zone stat.  and there he will remain, until death do them part.

other than that, i have just been working like a crazed person.  and stressed like i imagine president obama to be every day.  i wonder if he has knots at the back of his neck like i do.  but relax, i've started or will start (heh) a new workout regimine that hopefully, will take care of the knots in my neck.  i just have to keep reminding myself to take it easy breezy and not sweat the small stuff.  easier said than done yeah?  but i have to because if not, i will lose my mind. what's left of it.

so anyway, what's going on over here?  i know that one of my wonderful and beautiful fellow bloggers and author got married last week. on st. patrick's day actually.  good for her.  she is not only talented and a gifted writer, but absolutely gorgeous to boot.  congratulation again jennifer!
we have yet to meet.  hopefully before the end of the year, something will happen.

anyone else get married? spill it.

well it's almost the bewitching hour.  do me a favor, come back.

new week.  make it a great one!


Random Girl said...

Welcome back! We're still here! I'm very much the same on not posting because I don't have much to say right now and not visiting because I'm lazy and distracted. No excuses, just fact.
Glad to see you are getting your groove back, focusing on finding healthy ways to manage your stress, and stopping in to say Hi again!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Awwww! Thanks, Yvonne! And we need to make that meeting happen SOON!

Robin said...

Welcome back Yvonne! As always, great to see you:)

Red Shoes said...

Hey sunshine... I've been in a funk/slump as well... blah... my best friend at work died...

Life can have its trials and tribulations... no?

I need to get back to writing as well!!


Mich said...

Welcome back! Sometimes you need a break from words.

Good luck with the new workout regime! I keep meaning to start exercising again, but then I just.... don't. :/


Yvonne said...

RG-It's always good to hear from you!

Jen- :) most definitely!

Robin- thank you!

Red- Yes you do. I'm sorry about your friend. Life just sucks sometimes. Chin up you! Life is still good. :)

Mich- thanks! Yes, the working out is so hard to keep up but I'm sticking to it!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Seems like a bunch of us took a bit of a 'Spring Break'! No harm, no foul. Good to see you back and I too shall try to be more of a regular poster!
BTW- good on you, for avoiding the married guy!

Yvonne said...

YRJ- Glad you're back!