Monday, October 28, 2013

"I'm getting married in two years!"

this according to a medium/psychic that i had the pleasure of meeting at a halloween party i attended last weekend.  the party i'm referring to is the roaring twenties one i told you about a few posts ago.  it was held at my friends' home on a unseasonably (for houston) chilly night.  the theme was as i stated, roaring twenties. the house was decked out to be be a speakeasy, we even had to go  through a dark alley and give the door guy a password to gain entrance.  once inside, it was like walking into another era.  everything in that house from the guests in amazing costumes, to the music,  (think jazz, broadway, ragtime) to the decorations, definitely transported you to that prohibition era.  there were flappers (myself included), and gangsters (i saw a few al capones and jimmy hoffas) to cigar girls and even a few policemen.  it was indeed, a great party.

the hosts, old school friends of mine, hired a medium for the party.  this was no ordinary medium either.  she is highly regarded in the "psychic" industry and has a radio show as well.  guests were invited to get their fortune told or to speak to someone that was no longer living.  now, i've always been a skeptic about these sorts of things.  plus, the guilt from my very catholic upbringing is enough to keep any of that superstitious mumbo-jumbo out of my life.  however, on this night, i threw caution to the wind and experienced my first ever psychic reading.

Psychic:  "Hello! Nice to meet you..." (shakes my hand and offers me a seat)

Me:  "Hi!  Nice to meet you as well."

Psychic:  Blah, blah, blah (disclosure about readings)

Me:  Eyes start to glaze over...

Psychic:  "Now that that is out of the way, how can I help you? Do you have any questions you want to ask me? I'm yours for the next fifteen minutes"  she says as she starts the time clock.

And so it began.  For the next fifteen minutes this woman literally blew me away.  I sat in a chair, across the table, facing her.  She had a sheet of paper in front of her and held a pencil.  Ever so often she'd look at me and scribble back and forth.  The only information I gave her was my name and my age.  I asked her superficial questions.

"What of love for me"

"Tell me about my future as a writer"

"Talk to me about my family"

Each answer she gave me, sent chills down my spine. Seriously.  This woman who I'd never met before, told me things that she could not possibly have known.  And they weren't mundane things.  They were rather specific, down to the date and sometimes hour.  But what really just cracked me up (I laughed on the inside) was when she talked to me about love.  She told me that I had not yet met the man of my dreams.  -Um, hello?  I know that! She said that he was on his way, but I had to be patient.  And?  He drives a blue vehicle. She was not sure if it was a truck (gross!) or a SUV type of car.  Also, she said that he was very particular about his shoes.  He either took great care of them or wore boots.  She told me other things about this alleged person but this is what most stuck with me.  So now, any guy I ever go out with again, if he's driving a blue vehicle, you know I'm going to start planning a wedding! muahahahaha!

there you have it.  In two years, I'm going to meet this man and we're going to get married.  And all of you are invited.  See? My dating woes are ovah!  My mom will be ecstatic! :)

Alright kids, have any of you ever gone to a psychic? Had your palms read? Anyone?  Did you do it for fun (like me) or do you take this type of thing seriously?  I'm curious to know what you have to say about this, if anything.

Mark your calendars and save the date.

Ok now that that is out of the way.  What's up kids?  Who else has gone to Halloween parties?  I just went to another one this past Saturday, which is why I was like a zombie all day today.  Good times, good times...What else is going on in your  corner of the world?  Share with me...

I'm a little sad, my favorite month of the year is almost over.  :(

Alright, I need to go take a little 5 hour nap or I will be a zombie again tomorrow and my boss would not like that. heh.

You know the drill, it's a new week, make it count.

Come on, you knew I was going to post a picture!  Be gentle.


David Batista said...

Haha--love the pic! You really fit the theme, there. :)

And, LOL! Either he's very fastidious about his shoes ... or boots. That's very encompassing.

I don't normally believe in such things. Although, apparently as a teenager my mother was told by a palm reader that she wouldn't live to see her 27th birthday. And she died at 26. This is the story her mother, my grandmother, told me. Creepy.

Robin said...

I love your picture. That is a great costume!!!

There is a psychic that I have seen a few times in St. Augustine. Each time she has been right on the money. Like yours, she didn't want anything other than my name. I don't even recall her asking my age.

The first time I was still in the throes of my separation/divorce. I wasn't wearing a ring, but she called it very specifically. She also told me about the problems I was having and would continue to have with my ex. She made suggestions that I didn't feel able to follow regarding his kids. My life would have been easier (then) had I done it. But, I am glad that I didn't.

The second time I was dating someone that I was certain was cheating on me. I was aware of this romance via his MySpace page, so I had a pretty good idea who the girl was. I am ashamed to admit this, but I created a fake MySpace page in a guy's name with the ultimate goal of sending her a friend request. In the course of creating this fake page, I kinda sorta fell in love with my own creation. The guy I made up was great. Ideal. I was kinda in love with someone who wasn't even real. I called him David. The first thing she said to me was, "Who's David?" I about flipped out. She confirmed my suspicions about the cheating (which turned out to be true) and told me what this girl looked like down to the weight, hair color, eyes, etc. She was right on the money for all of it.

I saw her again a year ago and she told me that I would meet the man I would marry in three years. So, we are now down to two years and counting. Unlike, my past relationships... a great guy. When I was sitting there I asked about him and she said that he was married (right then) or in a serious relationship b.c. she could see the Significant Other walk into the room. She also said he had three kids. She told me before I met him I would meet a Not Great Guy who I was very attracted to... being able to recognize that he wasn't a good one and being able to walk away would determine if the actual Great Guy ever came into my picture. Life is a fluid thing. We make choices that can change our destiny for the good or the ill.

Having gone through tapping therapy, I feel better able to read the Red Flags and walk away before investing myself in someone who is not worth it. I really think that it will have taken half my life, but that Great Guy is out there. Just two more years...

And that is my experience for you!

So Congratulations:)

Bouncin Barb said...

Good...two years should give me time to lose 100 pounds and find a great dress!! That party sounded fabulous. How fun. You looked great too.

I very much believe in mediums. Here's a post about one of my experiences.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Holy Cow! This means I have to get my ass to Houston to be sure I can make the wedding. And then I'd better be planning for a great party cuz I know it will be.
(Oh, I and I know Robin too so it looks like my 2015 calendar is filling up fast!)
Seriously, I do think there are good mediums out there. I think if we all paid more attention to our inner voices, we could have a 6th sense of one kind or another.
For instance, if I get a strong feeling about a long lost friend I will literally run into them or one of their family members within a day or two. It is so weird and shocks me every. single. time.

Yvonne said...

David - yeah I only did it for funsies. While I do believe that there are some people who have a gift of being able to see certain things in the future or the past, I am not a huge believer. Besides, I like the element of surprise much better.

So save the date, two years from, sometime in the future, you need to come to Houston and come to my wedding. teehehe :)

I didn't realize your mom was that young. I knew she died young but I didn't know it was only 26. :(

Yvonne said...

Robin - haha, thank you! And thanks for sharing your stories. That's pretty amazing...

BB- girl! you can do it! you can do anything!!! i'll keep you posted on my beloved's arrival. i'll keep everyone posted! ha!

YRJ- That's right! You better come to Houston! I'm giving you plenty of notice! :) said...

You rock the 20s, the whole decade. Go, you. Two years isn't that far away. The end/beginning is in sight. Enjoy and keep faith.


Yvonne said...

Robyn- ha! thanks chica!

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Interesting post, girl. Cute costume as well. :-) Glad to see your blog is growing and you're still sharing.

...Just thought I'd drop by and say "hi"! Don't forget to invite me to the wedding...

Yvonne said...

JBB- Ha! Of course not! You will definitely be invited. :) Thanks for dropping by.

Red Shoes said...

My daughter and her Mom went to see a local psychic that has a great reputation. Her Mom cut the tarot cards... and the woman started turning and reading the cards.

My daughter said that at some point, the woman stopped turning the cards... looked up at my ex and said, "you told me you had two children... I see three."

She said that my ex dismissed that as having had a miscarriage.

To be honest, she had an abortion... because she got pregnant during graduate school... and the baby was going to interfere with her school plans.


Oh well...


Yvonne said...

Wow, that's kind of creepy how they do that. The lady I saw gave me chills when she told me something that only I know about, she was very detailed about it too. Meh. But I forgot about most of what she said by the next day. Except for this post. ha!