Sunday, September 8, 2013

wordlover is wordless

i've not been in much of a blogging mood lately.  which is not normal for me, especially this time of year, which just happens to be my favorite.  i have plenty to say, the words are all formed in my head, swirling around, waiting for me to put them down on paper or type them on the screen.  but i just can't seem to do it lately.  so for now, they stay in my mind.  you're welcome.

don't worry, i'll be back to my mindless jibbering, soon!

how are you guys doing?  how was your summer?  

it's sunday kids, go and do something fun!  monday is but a few hours away! :)

this picture calms me, hope it does the same for you!


Robin said...

You have been missed. Look forward to hearing more from you soon!

David Batista said...

Have no fear, Yvonne. You've been through so much lately. No one's blaming you for not being around the blogging world for a bit. Least of all, me! :)

Hang in there. Yes, you have been missed. But we'll be here when you get back. Always, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with stepping away from the screen and enjoying life. Especially this time of year (I love fall, too) Thanks for checking in with us, but you don't have to feel obligated to blog. When you're ready to write again we'll be here reading!

I've had so much to say (both on my blog and in my story) but no time to say it. Sometimes I've scrapped blog posts because I couldn't find the right words and sometimes I delete them when the words sound mopey and childish.

My world is very, very small. My problems are almost entirely self-created and there aren't enough days when I cherish everything I have. So thank you for that "preachy" comment. I needed it :-)

My Inner Chick said...

Hope to see you soon. Xx

Yvonne said...

All- thanks so much! I am coming around as far as writing is concerned. Any day now I'll write something magnificent.


Red Shoes said...

That is one gorgeous photograph!!!!