Tuesday, June 11, 2013

another concert and height deficiency

greetings and salutations kids! it's been a while.  i realized today that i wrote my last post on may 26th, where   i told you about my date with daryl and john.  that was soooo two weeks ago.  time moves on.  i've already gone to another concert since then.  which brings me to the theme of this post. -sorta.  meh, bear with me and my attention deficit disorder.  thanks.

so i went to see juanes on saturday night.  for those not in the know, juanes is sexy, hot and delicious to look at from medellin, colombia.  he started out playing heavy metal in a band when he was seventeen and still in colombia.  but then decided going solo was more his style and he reinvented himself into a latin balladeer while still maintaining that raspy rock edge with a bit of funk mixed in.  the concert was one of the best shows i've seen. or could have seen.  confused?  let me splain myself. he played in a small venue, very intimate and not a bad seat in the house, unless of course you are me and are only 4'11 in stature.  but even still, i didn't think i'd have a problem this time because we had fifth row seats and like i mentioned before, "not a bad seat in the house"  ---yeah well, that's true, we did have great seat, um hello? see the picture below???  my problem began when the jolly-green giant and his equally as giant woman friend came to sit right in front of me.  all of a sudden: obstructed view.  i was weaving from left to right so much people probably thought i was stone-cold drunk!  the problem only got worse because jolly green giant had friends who came to join him and his lady friend and they were equally as towering.  meh.  i still enjoyed the concert and danced and sang the night away along with everyone else.

later that night, as i was getting ready for bed, i remembered i had to grab something from my closet.  something that was way up high, in a box, something that would require me to get the step-ladder from the utility room.  so i did, and while i was on that step ladder it dawned on me that being short just sucks sometimes.  really.  ok not all the time, because for me, being short has gotten me into and out of rather precarious situations as well as led me to meet a lot of guys who feel bad for my lack of height.  heh.  anyway, but really it's annoying at times, to not be able to watch a concert or a public speaker or even a parade.  or something as simple as sitting at the bar.  i swear, it's a production just for me to get on that damned stool!  stop laughing.  my friends, michelle and maricela, are tall, really, really tall.  and they know i hate when we sit at the bar because i have such a hard time sitting down.  seriously, if you ever want cheap entertainment, watch me try to mount the bar stool.  not a pretty sight friends.  not a pretty sight.  and some people are just downright ugly when it comes to this.  they could care less that we can't see or are almost being stepped on.  (maybe not stepped on, per se, but definitely almost crushed) it's those people that i want to poke in the eye, although, because of my shortness, my aim would be much lower, so if you're a man, don't piss me off.

blah. blah. blah.  i'm done.

apologies for being all over the place in this post, but my meds haven't kicked in yet.  or?  i'm just exhausted and going to pass out now.

before i go, here's a pic of juanes for your (some of you anyway) viewing pleasure.  you're welcome.


David Batista said...

Wow, look at you. The consumate concert goer, eh? :) Never heard of this guy before, but the way you described his style has me intrigued. I just might check out his music. Any recommendations on where to start?

Height is something I take for granted, for sure. I have very little experience with obstructed views or things being placed out of my reach. But you're right, us guys do take pity on the short women out there. LOL! It makes us feel all manly and chivalrous and what-not.

Robin said...

I have never heard of Juanes, but that means nada. The important thing is that were able to (mostly) enjoy a concert of someone you loved. I had no idea you were such a petite thing. I am 5'3" and have to buy all of my pants either "short" or "petite" so I bet you have to get yours hemmed. Gah. See... my mind goes straight to SEWING. I hate that. Maybe that is because I don't spend much time on barstools. IDK. But, I feel your pain.

Belle said...

He is very hot! Wow. It sucks large people sat in front of you. I am only 5' 2in but I liked being short when I was dating because most guys were taller. I don't like it much now. I have a stool to jump on too. It is a coinky dink our shelves fell on the same weekend!

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

And trying to mount a bar stool in a mini skirt? I don't even try. You've got 3 inches on me, my friend! I hear ya. It sucks. Once, though, it paid off. I went to see an Aaron Neville concert in Orleans. People in front of me turned around, saw me, and urged me to stand at the very front. So I did, and I caught their towel at the end too. That's the only time it paid to be short.


Don said...

There are high heels, and I think something called "elevator shoes", but when seated at a concert you may need an elevated butt......JUST KIDDING!

Red Shoes said...

Good morning, you!

If you had fun, that's all that counts!!

I'm always amazed that I can be standing somewhere listening to music... and some tall clod will come and muscle his way in right in front of me and block my view... would never do that to someone...

The goobers!!!


Yvonne said...

David- And us "short" girls appreciate your chilvary. :)

Robin- I get EVERYTHING hemmed. It's annoying! ha!

Belle- Haha! It WAS a coinkydink! :)

Robyn- I totally get it! At the Hall and Oates concert the same thing happened to me. Guys saw me and practically pushed me in front of them. :)

Don- I WAS wearing heels! lol

Red- EXACTLY!!!:)