Monday, February 18, 2013

this was my weekend -how was yours?

"what's on your mind?"
"too much" i replied.
"what's on yours?" i asked.
"you" was his response.

and that's how it started, on a cold and wintry day, in december.  and here we are in february.  i can't say it hasn't been fun.  it's been that and more, so much more.  what will happen? how will it end? or will it?  i don't know.  not a clue.  but i'm excited to find out.  whichever way it goes.  such has been my life for the past couple of months.  when i said in an earlier post, that i was doing things out of my norm, i wasn't kidding.  i've done things and put myself in situations that i've never dreamed i would ever be in.  but hey, life is short right? right.  at least, that's how i justify my actions.  the story continues.

stay tuned.

in other news, lent started last week.  for all you non-catholics, lenten season marks the beginning of the lenten journey towards easter sunday.  it's commemorates the period of forty days that jesus spent in the dessert, facing temptation.  so as a catholic, i'm going to practice my faith and give up things that i really, really love from ash wednesday (which was last week) until easter sunday.  last year, i gave up cokes.  i know it sounds trite to most of you,  but you don't understand.  for me to stop drinking coke is a HUGE sacrifice for me.  i am a coca-cola addict. seriously.  i'm thinking of starting a support group.  i did it for the first time last year and made it all the way through  i can't tell you how proud of myself i was!  so to up the ante, so to speak, this year i'm also giving up chocolate.  gasp! yes, it's true.  i'm also a chocoholic.  all i have to say is, my friends better watch out, that inner bitch that has been asleep in me all this time, is about to wake the hell up.  run!

moving on.

this weekend was all-star weekend here in houston.  basketball players, celebrities, the media, the paparazzi, the fans, all kinds of people were in my fair city!  to say that the traffic has been horrendous, is an understatement. it's been downright ugly.  last night the police had to be called to shut down the galleria mall.  why? because the crowds had exceeded the legal capacity.  can you believe that?  people were scrambling to get there in hopes of spotting a "celebrity"  ---really.  whatever floats your boat, i guess.  it's been fun though, people watching.  i did a lot of that these past few days.  and the weather has been phenomenal.  too bad i just watched the news, and meteorologist said rain and cold weather are making a comeback this week.  -only we have schizophrenic weather!

oh yeah, i almost forgot.  i won a contest.  my friend over at
held an anti-valentine's day contest for the best poem.  we had to complete the following sentence:  "dear cupid, will you..." in fifty words or less.  here was my entry:

Dear Cupid,

Enough already.  I get it.  I'm un-cupid-able.  Now go away.  Die a thousand deaths.  But please leave some chocolate for me.  Help a sista out. 


Alright, so never mind that I totally didn't follow instructions (Dear Cupid, will you..."), and never mind that it was a lame attempt at poetry, but did you get the part where i won???  exactly.  that's all that matters.  ok, so it was a three way tie.  first time ever, i heard.  (um, this is the first time she held this contest)  forget all that.  what matters is that i wrote the poem and i won.  yay.  i never win anything.  :)

alright boys and girls, this muchacha is tired.  and unlike some of you in the united states, i have to work tomorrow.  thanks for dropping by, come back for more.  you know you want to...

happy monday all!


Robin said...

Congratulations on your Big Win. It's always fun to win something, no matter how big or small:)

Alessandra said...

I was wondering where you were, glad to see you're still in blogland. I totally get you on the coke thing, though mine is diet coke, but not being roman catholic means I don't have to give up anything, yay. Btw, we have schizophrenic weather here too, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, YUK!

Yvonne said...

Robin - lol thanks!!! It sure is!!!

Alessandra- For some reason, I can't access your blog anymore. Yeah it was 70 degrees today, tomorrow morning it's supposed to be 30 degrees!!!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Hmmm... it all sounds so interesting. And makes me miss Houston- oh I loved it so much and wanted so badly to move there after only a short time checking it all out. Ah well, maybe some day. In the meantime I remain in the rain and am so bummed that our friends are using our Palm Springs place and not us! That was my weekend- realizing how much I would wish I was there with my friends! Funny how I wasn't expecting that. I know. I deserve on big DUH! for that... LOL

Felicia-May Stevenson said...

Glad to hear you've made a connection. Those early days can be so much fun... Enjoy!

David Batista said...

I for one would like to hear more about this "stay tuned" news! :)

And good luck on your sacrifice for Lent. I was raised Catholic, too, but I never do these things. I sacrifice enough in life as it is. But seriously, no chocolate? Now that's hard core!!!

Yvonne said...

YRJ- You should come visit!

Felicia- Thanks, they're both exciting and a bit nerve wrecking. But I'm enjoying the ride.

David- All in due time, sweets, all in due time. As for my "sacrifice" -if you remember, I did this last year and even though it was hard, I managed to complete it. But this year, we're not even a week in, and I'm going through major withdrawals and temptation!!!! Oh and my friends have a few choice words for my temperament. ;)

Belle said...

Love the poem and congrats on winning. It was funny. I am addicted to Coke also. I don't know if I could give it up. I've tried, but it didn't take. I would find it hard to be a Catholic because of Lent. Can you pretend to like something and give that up? I guess God would know!

Yvonne said...

Belle- Ha! Glad you liked it. Well, I gave it up last year with almost no problem, but this year, I'm having such a hard, hard time!