Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's in a name? And other quandries

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How has your week been so far? Mine has been kind of hectic and stressful.  You know, the usual.  So I totally just screwed up.  Today is actually Thursday! Bahahahaha! See? I am so frazzled that I didn't even know what day it was.  Meh.  I'll leave my mistake up there for your amusement.  Moving on.   It's officially almost the weekend! Yay! Well, it will be in less than an hour.  What bodes for you this weekend?

I don't have a lot planned, kind of quiet, actually.  I do have to go into the office for a few hours on Saturday but the overtime makes up for having to wake up early on my day off.  Which in turn, makes me happy.

In other news, I read an article last night that really, really, pissed me off!  It was about women over forty (cough) who have never been married and the likely causes for this travesty.  I'll give you the top five (there were 30 reasons given):

5.  Insecurities with herself
4.  Hates men
3.  Has unresolved "daddy" issues
2.  Is looking for "Mr. Perfect"
1.  Is past her prime, ie -has missed the boat (yes it actually said that)

Why is it that a single woman, over a certain age,  is deemed "damaged goods" or "over the hill"?   But a man over a certain age, who is still single, is considered, "a great catch!"?  Hmm, a little biased much?  Alright, so I clearly have a problem with this! Why is it always the "woman" who has the issues? Mind you, I know we have them, and most of us are working on them. But it's not just us.  Men have issues too.  LOTS AND LOTS of issues.  So why are "we" the haters?  The bitter ones?  Can someone fill me in?  I guess reading this article bothered me so much because it's so one-sided and unfair.  I'm finding myself having to explain and/or defend not only my single status but my childless status as well.  People assume that if you're single, there must be something wrong with you or you're a loser, but if you're single AND childless, well then, you're just a freak and your life is basically over.  Oh and everyone will look at you with pity.    At least, that's how it is in my world.  I get so angry sometimes, at the population's ignorance on these matters.  As if being married and having children is the epitome of bliss.  Don't get me wrong, perhaps it is.  I don't know, because I've never done either. But if truth be told, the majority of my married friends, wish they were single again. And the majority of my friends who are parents, complain about being a parent.  So what gives? The grass is always greener and all that?

What do you think?

That being said, I recently reactivated my account on a dating site.  I dunno. I may take it down again. It's just that the more I play around with it, put in all the "right" pictures and words, the more it seems like work. And dating should not be this hard.  Meh,  we'll see.  If anything, at least the experience will give me more blog material. Because as you know, (if you're a regular around these parts) my dating experiences could be  a weekly sitcom.  I've even got a title, "The Misadventures of Yvonne's Dating Life" -eh, I'm still working on it. ;)

Oh yeah, on an unrelated note, my Houston Astros beat the Washington Nationals 11-4 tonight!  THREE triples in ONE inning!  Pure awesomeness!

Good night!


Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

You know what I hate? The bias against single women period. Just because a woman chooses to be single or chooses to wait for the right guy and not mr. right now does NOT mean anything is wrong with her.

Ugh, Yvonne, that article would have made me want to punch somebody.

Good luck with the online profile. Maybe you'll run across someone nice!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

If you really want to see some seething hate, try being married with no kids! Seriously, why is society so darned worried about making everyone 'fit' into the mold?!
I personally don't question anyone's personal choices. As long as you're not hurting anyone else, no harm no foul. I have seen lots of people who have issues with and without a relationship. Doesn't make you a bad person either way.
All I can say is it's probably a good idea to ignore crap like this.
BTW, I can't imagine knowing lots of people who wish they had not married. That's just sad. Don't look at them as a good example.
I can't imagine having to get back into the dating scene. It seems tough to weed out the good and bad ones. Keep at it though. It is SO worth finding the right one.

David Batista said...

Yeah, I can say from personal experience that being married and NOT having any kids garners a lot of stupid comments from others as well. People can't seem to butt out of other people's personal choices. I'm quite happy not having kids myself, even though I'm not a kid hater and have plenty of fun spoiling my nieces and nephews. :)

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

To me the traits of enhanced maturity, more confident sexuality and less of a likelihood to want to bear children are all positive. Yay for older women.

Yvonne said...

Katie- Exactly! I totally wanted to hurt someone after reading that! Thanks for the "good luck" -I'll keep you posted.

YR- That's true. I have a few friends who are married but do not have children, for various reasons. The looks and the rumors that follow them around are pathetic! People can be so cruel.

David- Aww, I'm sure you are a a super duper, great, uncle! And I totally agree, some people always have to butt into other peoples lives, as if it was a sport.

Elliot- Smart man, you are! :)

Insomniac #4 said...

Hmmm... I will say that there are pros and cons to everything: being single, being married, being a mom/dad. It's not that one is better than the other, and it would be nice if magazine/internet articles focused on how each lifestyle would suit a particular person as opposed to just saying "If you don't already have everything you've always wanted by this point in your life, you never will. You are boring and unattractive and you might as well just off yourself now." Screw you, bitter magazine article writer whom I have greatly exaggerated to prove my point!

And I gotta say something about the Astros as a disappointed Red Sox fan... I was reading a message board about how the Sox bullpen is just awful and an Astros fan hopped on and e-grinned because y'all dumped Mark Melancon on us and we didn't realize just how awful he is.

A Red Sox fan responded "Boy, how bad is it when an Astros fan is heckling us???

lol...I read that and thought of you, since you're the only Astros fan i've ever 'met' :)

Kelley said...

You are so right about the double standard on that one. You are not damaged goods and I know you know that. George Clooney is not married and has no children! People are dumb.

Yvonne said...

Insomniac- You're hilarious! I totally channeled "Soup Nazi"'s voice when I read your post! ha!

One man's trash is another man's gold, NOT! ha! (Melancon reference, fyi) :)

Kelley- Mmmm, you said, "George Clooney" :) :) :) And yeah, people are just dumb.

Cinderita said...

You will love this.

My mum once referred to my sister and I as "milk that's gone bad on the shelf in a grocery store".

need i say more?

Yvonne said...

Rita- Are you serious??? Wow! LMAO! Sorry, but that's hilariously awful! Ok, you win. Though, I have been told by one of my cousins that my "eggs have expired" - :)