Saturday, April 7, 2012

three days in april

hey bloggies! how are you? what's up in bloggie-land?  catch me up!  as for me?  well,  i've had a very busy and interesting past three days.  it all started on wednesday evening, when i went to a concert with my bff from elementary school.  we met in seventh grade and have been friends ever since.  we don't see each other often because she's married now, has children and lives on the other side of the world. (ok, it's only sugar land, which is not that far out of the city, but to me, it's the other side of the world)  anyway, we went to see mana -a spanish rock group.  we danced and sang the night away.  it was an awesome show and great night!  thursday morning, however, when i had to get up to go to work, it was not so great.  i was tired, sleepy and hoarse.  it seems i screamed a little bit too much the night before.  i somehow managed to make it through the day.  that evening, instead of going home to collapse on my bed like i wanted to, i rushed home, showered, got ready and headed back out the door.  you see, i had made plans with the usual suspects and a few other girlfriends to go salsa dancing that night. we figured since everyone was not working today, that it would be the best time to go.  -what? it seemed like a great idea at the time.  we just forgot about the part that we aren't 20 years old anymore.  nevertheless, we had a blasty blast!  some of us (who shall remain nameless) got hit on by guys who looked like they were all of eighteen years old.  and then others of us (again, nameless) got hit on by characters who could easily portray santa claus or father time.  seriously.  still, dancing the night away, was well worth it.  so this morning, again,  tired, still sleepy, feet throbbing (that's what happens when you wear super high heels -especially when you aren't used to wearing them!) but excited!  you see, today was opening day for baseball and the houston astros.  the usual suspects and i have a long-standing tradition. we've been going to opening day since 2004 or thereabouts.  it's pretty much a whole day kind of thing. we meet for lunch, somewhere near the ball park. then we walk over to the stadium and take in the day's festivities. there are bands performing and food vendors and games and tons of people out and about.  it's a mini street festival really.  there is electricity and excitement in the air.  and hope. always hope.  you know, new beginnings and all that.  with the worst record in franchise history last year, hope is about all we have guys!  while the game didn't end in our favor, the guys showed promise and hey, there's still 161 games left to redeem ourselves.

it was a very good day and good times were had by all.  well, with the exception of one small, minor (but not so minor) incident.  i had a "sighting" at the game.  by that i mean, i saw someone i used to know.  i ran into HIM.  for those new to my blog, there is one person that i have written about on numerous occasions in my blog.  i refer to him as HIM.  no name.  none needed.  he's someone that i fell hard for.  i was crazy about him.  i adored him.  he didn't have a clue. my feelings were not reciprocated. they were not mutual.  yet i allowed this person to use me. bleh.  anyway, i had not seen HIM in over two years.  and today, today of all days and as crowded as that stadium was, i saw HIM.  my friends and i walked into a bar, i didn't notice him right away.  but then i did.  i know he saw us walk in.  what i don't know is if he recognized me and thought, "oh shit!" and left, or if he even knew who i was. it was a span of a few minutes tops.  he was not alone.  i assume the girl he was with is his girlfriend or wife.  he could be married now, it's been so long.    when it dawned on me who it was, my heart started pounding, i couldn't breathe and the butterflies in my stomach returned.  so many emotions ran through me.  i wanted to go up and say hi, i wanted to run the other way.  i wanted very much to hug him, i wanted to slap him. hard. but none of that happened.  and that's a good thing.  i never "got" why this man, got under my skin like he did.  he was my addiction.  he is that one person, that can make me weak at the knees just by thinking about him.  he is that one person that will always make me blush.  sigh.  i was useless after that. in fact, my entire mood was shot.  i felt sad.  i felt very bad.  i just can't pinpoint why exactly.  a couple of years ago, i wrote a short, short, short story in male voice.  it was my first attempt to write this way.  well, he was the "voice". the story was about the way we met, but through his eyes.  while there is some fiction in there, the majority of it, is exactly as it happened when we met.  if you're so inclined, you can read it here:
so yeah, i've had not only a busy past few days, but also, a very emotionally draining day.  so much so that i'm about to call it a night.  oh!  positive? easter is one day away. which means, i'm one day closer to having a "coke and a smile!"

see? there's a positive in any circumstance. you just have to look hard for it.

thanks for indulging on my shenanigans.

be good!


Ruth said...

I've had one of those guys in my past. I really don't know what it was. I am happily married now and have been with my man for going on 17 years, but I remember the way I felt for that guy. It wasn't a healthy relationship, but he was so hard to shake.
I'm sorry he ruined your good time.

David Batista said...

Hmm, strange. I remember reading that story the first time you posted it, but there is no comment from me. I could swear I left a comment!

Oh well, I'll just tell you now that I loved it. It read smoothly and I was engaged the entire time. You have a real knack for natural dialogue and description.

Oh, and what a jerk! Guys like that give us all a bad rap. I actually know why some guys behave like this, it's really no mystery. But it would take a lot more space to explain than I have here. Maybe I should blog about it sometime.

Thanks for sharing. And I hope you keep enjoying the start of baseball season like I am! :)

Belle said...

Wow, you have been busy having fun! It is too bad you ran into him. :( I remember running into old boyfriends and it is not fun. I hope the Astros have a great year.

Yvonne said...

Ruth- It wasn't healthy for me either. It was very difficult for me to get over him. And he didn't ruin my evening, well, not entirely anyway. All is better now.

David- No worries, you commented now, and that's all that matters. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked it, being that you're male and all. ;) I appreciate your input. I'm actually tweaking it a bit more. I've decided to incorporate it into another story-lne that I'm working on. Stay tuned! And totally agree, "what a jerk!" :)

Yvonne said...

Belle- Yeah, all that fun caught up with me today! I hope the Astros have a great year too! Hope you're feeling better!