Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ground Hog Day a/k/a Watching a Houston sports team play

Sunday Fun-Day turned out to be anything BUT.  In case you haven't heard, the Houston Texans lost to the Baltimore Ravens today.  Ending what was truly a Cinderella season and once again, having us repeat what has become our mantra, it would seem,"Wait till next year!"  Ugh!  Is it wrong that I am tired of waiting for next year?  I mean, the Texans had an AMAZING season but as has become our Swan song, they were not able to pull the win out in the end.  Again.  I know I sound bitter. And maybe I am a little.  It's just that years and years of frustration from cheering for our sports teams only to have the same outcome over and over, well, let's just say that it becomes old after awhile.  I've come to believe that the city's founding father, Samuel Houston, must have done someone really wrong and as a result they put a curse on all of our professional sports teams.  You think I'm kidding but I'm serious!  I know, I'm being kinda silly.  Give me some slack, will ya?  Sigh, oh well, hats off to our boys!  In spite of this heart-breaking loss,   I could not be any prouder of this team!  And like everyone else, I  cannot wait until next season!  It's gonna be ON!!!

My weekend went by too fast! Unlike many of you (USA residents only) I do not get tomorrow off, in observance of Martin Luther King.  Bleh.  At least morning traffic will be tolerable. And?  Only 82 more days until baseball season and the Astros Opening Day!!! -Hey, I gotta find that silver lining wherever I can!

That's it for me bloggies.  Wishing all of you a fabulous week!


Don said...


I don't give a hoot about any professional sports team. Pro sports is a business.

College sports has become close to being a business, too, but not quite thus far, so I still follow college sports to some degree.

Could you pull up stakes and move to Alabama, the home of the last 3 college BCS champions; the Alabama Crimson Tide, then the Auburn Tigers, and now the Crimson Tide again?

I'd be pleased to have you for a neighbor


CWMartin said...

Just hang in there. Your guys did things they'd never done before, but in the end a young, inexperienced team will always break on the reef that is Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, there is no shame there. They did a hell of a job, and you should be proud of them.
Try again next year with Schaub back. The Texans aren't done yet by a long shot.

CWMartin said...

Oh, and Don? Nick Saban blows. From a Dolphin fan who despises people who run out on half-finished jobs that they don't have the (*) to finish.

Belle said...

Our BC Lions team used to choke every year for years and finally won the Grey Cup in 2011! I hope your team makes it one day too.

Yvonne said...

Thanks guys! Ha! I'm ready for baseball! :)

Anonymous said...

Tough day both both our teams, eh? But at least your Texans hung in there till the end. When Yates threw that last interception I was screaming at the TV before the ball left his hand. They should have just run Arian Foster until he dropped, it was their best shot. Oh well. There's always next year!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Oh, I hear ya! Cowboys tanked. Saints couldn't close out on SF. Texans lost to the Ravens, which kind of confused me, since I really, honestly thought they would handle Baltimore. And LSU goes from having a fantasy season to living a nightmare in the National Championship. Oh, and they just lost their top recruit to Notre Dame. Yeah, it's been a rough couple of weeks, football wise. :(

I'm really sorry about the Texans--my ideal, non-Cowboys Super Bowl would have been the Texans and the Saints. :(

They'll be back--their team is just too good!!!

Yvonne said...

Insomniac- It sure was a tough day! Sorry about your team! And yeah, you and me and most of the city was yelling at the tv on Sunday!!! Ugh, Arian Foster is the man!!! :)

Yvonne said...

Frisky-I came to believe that they would actually win too! But it's true, they are a young team and it's going to be exciting watching them grow.