Wednesday, December 28, 2011

catching up!

Hello all! OH EM GEE it feels good to be back! Not that I went anywhere really.  Well, unless you count the doctor's office about a million times, because then yes, I did go somewhere.  Heh,  I know, I'm confusing you.  It's okay, the feeling passes.  Anyway, so kids, how was everyone's Christmas? What did Santa bring you? What'd he forget?  I think my stuff must all be on back order or something because I woke up Christmas morning and ran outside but didn't see the red convertible that I asked for.  Or the "man of my dreams" waiting for me under the mistletoe.  Yeah, I'm sure that's what happened.  Back orders.   In reality, I totally got sick and am still sick.  I'll spare you details but suffice to say, my Christmas sucked.  I spent it home alone.  I wasn't well enough to travel to my cousin's house.  I missed the caroling that I looked forward to so much.  I didn't see a lot of my family, that I only get to see once a year.  To say I was bummed about that would be an understatement.  But amidst the medicine induced fog I was in, I counted my blessings and considered myself to be incredibly fortunate to have all that I have.  Besides, I got to sit in front of the Christmas tree and admire the very elaborate nativity scene that my mom and my aunt created.  I listened to music, drank my hot chocolate and remembered Christmases from long ago.  I've also been using this time to read up on blogs I have not read, writing, trying clean out the "clutter" of 2011, to make room for 2012.

But enough about me.  Your turn.  Fill me in.


Kelley said...

Sometimes that's what our days are like. They don't turn out like we wanted them to, but we make the best of them! I'm sorry you were sick and missed out on the caroling. I hope you are getting much better! We had a good Christmas. We spent too much money, though!

CWMartin said...

Metal detector from Laurie, Poster from Scrappy, Gloves from my son. Lots of fun and family. Sorry you had to be sick.

Yvonne said...

Kelley- I'm not "cured" yet, but am better than I was last week. I'm seriously bummed about the caroling but my sister got it on her camcorder, so I'll be watching it at some point this weekend. Money??? What is that of which you speak??? lol

CW- A metal detector? Dare I ask, why? Fun with the family is grand! Thank you, I'm feeling a little better!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This year we went small for Christmas as we have some much bigger goals in mind for this coming year. :)
So sorry you were sick. I had one very sick Christmas once too. No fun, but yes we are lucky overall, aren't we?

Belle said...

I'm sorry you were so sick and I hope you are getting better. It is terrible to be sick at Christmas. One year the whole damn family got the flu and we postponed Christmas!

We didn't exchange gifts this year except for the kids. Although my mom and I did and she gave me some lovely slippers, I got her a watch. It was so much fun watching my granddaughters open their presents.

Mynx said...

Hope you feel better soon sweet lady.
I was spoiled rotten for christmas and my birthday. Art stuff, music, jewellery, candles, chocolate and french champagne.

CWMartin said...

Metal detector to find (hopefully)odd and interesting things in the ground. If I hit something really neat I'll post it.

Yvonne said...

CW- Ohhh got it! Definitely post if you get pictures!

YRJ- Small is nice sometimes. And yes, overall, we are ALL lucky!

Belle- The adults didn't exchange gifts either. We only did the kiddos. Which is fine, I love watching them open their gifts and get all excited and giddy! I'm feeling better, still kinda sickly, but definitely better than last week. -Thanks sweets!

Mynx- Wow! Sounds like great stuff! I want some French champagne! :)