Friday, November 11, 2011

ode to my lover

you always make me smile,
feel giddy with excitement!
the anticipation running high,
bring out the "fun" me that i keep hidden most of the time,
behind work, responsibilities, worries.
Happy, you always make me happy.
Oh FRIDAY, how I love you so!

*Happy weekend! Do something fun and blogworthy, and then come back and tell me all about it! :)


Anonymous said...

Awwww... :)

Today's a Saturday, back here in the Philippines. And what did I do yesterday? stayed at home.. on a Friday night.

Loser much? :P

Belle said...

The 'Friday' surprised me and made me laugh! I barely know what day it is because I don't work, but Friday is very special to my daughter and husband.! have a fun weekend.

Mynx said...

My Friday was a bit of a disaster, only bright spot being my son finishing his final exams. But today, Saturday, has been filled with creativity and sunshine.
I love the weekend

Yvonne said...

Leah- hahaha, not a loser at all. i've stayed home on many a friday night!

Belle- I had a great weekend!

Mynx- I love it too!!!

Anastasia said...

Great ode! Technically today is my Friday so I will be celebrating by laying on the couch and watching netflix all day. Good times.

Jennifer Hillier said...

This is almost like flash fiction, with the "Friday" twist at the end! Ha, loved it.

Had a relaxing weekend. The best kind, right? ;)

The Frisky Virgin said...

THIS made me smile BIG TIME! Friday, like chocolate, is so a single gal's lover!

I'm just getting caught up on blog reading! I hope you are feeling better. *Hugs*

Yvonne said...

Anastasia- that sounds like a great day!

Jennifer- most definitely!

FV- Ha! So true about the chocolate! I'm feeling better, thanks! :)