Saturday, July 2, 2011

A little bit of this and little bit of that...

Fridays generally make me happy, but when it comes in the form of a three day weekend, well, that just makes me ecstatic!  What's happening?  How was everyone's week?  Been kinda quiet the past few days, you may have noticed, or not.  I've been a little busy.  Ok, A LOT busy!  Get comfy, take your shoes off, you're going to be here awhile!

First things first, date number one was tonight.  If you read my blog on Sunday, you will recall that I picked someone up at a random bar last weekend. Heh.  Not exactly true but it sounded good! So I met this guy I nicknamed "Ball cap guy" because, well he was wearing one when we met.  Anyway, we spoke pretty much all week, via email, texts, and something called a telephone.  This being a holiday weekend, we both had things going on for Saturday and Sunday, so we decided to go out tonight.  As far as dates go, this one by far, was pretty great!  For those that have been following my blog since it's inception, you know that this type of date, almost NEVER happens to me! Am I right?  Of course I am!  I'm not going to share the deets about the date yet, I'm still savoring it.  I'll divulge later, promise.  Just know that he's hotter than I remembered him to be, he's got a great sense of humor, knows his salad fork from his dinner fork and he had peach roses waiting for me, at our table.  There WILL be a second date in the future. (Just fyi, um, I told him my favorite type of roses were peach, while in my alcohol induced fog I was in, last Saturday! He REMEMBERED!)

Let's move on.

Well, it's over. Boot-camp from hell is OVER!  I finally finished my 30 day challenge and guess what?  I didn't die like I thought I would!  I lost a total of 24lbs and several inches from my waist, hips, and thighs.  This was about more than losing weight for me, it was about challenging and pushing myself to a place I always run from, myself.  I am so proud of me I can't stop smiling! Growing up,  I always shyed away from challenges that involved blood, sweat and tears (and torture).  Ha! Not this time! In fact, I signed up for another boot-camp at the end of August.  Thanks again guys, for all of your support, encouragement, and emails, during this past month.  I am so grateful to all of you!!!

Ok, that was old business, new business?

Hmm, well, I'm in sort of a jam and need your advice.  "A jam? No! Not you Yvonne!" ---I know that's what you're all saying.  But yes, yes, it's true, I'm in trouble.  Ok, I have mentioned my best friend *Gustabo in this blog before. Well, he started dating someone a while back and she and I met and totally hit it off!  Great right? Um, yes and no.  See, we've grown to be friends, and do things together, etc.  So, they decided to stop seeing each other recently, and I'm sad.  I don't want to give up my new friend.  Is that wrong?  I've spoken to *Gustabo about it and he is totally cool with us hanging out but it's me that feels guilty.  Should I? Meh! I mean, *Alana (that's my fake name for her) sees no problem with it either. We do not discuss *Gustabo at all.  Their split was an amicable one.  No hard feelings, and all that.  It's just me who is slightly uneasy.  Um, maybe that's not the right word to use.  Maybe more like, disloyal?  I don't know. I'm rambling yes, but hey, don't I always?  Am I just overthinking this? Stop laughing and saying, "You over-think everything Yvonne!" -I can hear y'all!  Thoughts?

Now you!  What's everyone doing for the 4th of July?  (If you're not in the United States, tell me anyway dammit!) I like keeping my options open.

Ok kids, going to call it a night. Have a great weekend and come back and tell me all about it on Tuesday!

Happy Birthday America!


Belle said...

I love that you had a great date with a thoughtful guy! That is just the best news. And as for losing 24 lbs. Wow, that is so incredible. I have no self-control or will power any more and I admire you so much. :)

July 4 my hubby is going back to work. Hmm, maybe I'll stay in bed all day and read my new book. He'll never know.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Holy Great Date, Batman!
As for your new friend, good friends are hard to find. Keep it cool and all will work out as it should.
24lbs. in 30 days. Wow! And the fact that you want to do some more, even more Wow!
My plans for a good old fashioned 4th make up my latest blog post,(which I wrote before I read yours).
Enjoy, you firework, you. ;)

Mynx said...

Awesome date
Awesome weight loss. Well done you
As for you new friend, well as Jasmine said, good friends are hard to find so I think you should just keep seeing her and see how things go.
Being in Aus means the 4th is just another work day so boring

Don said...

Congratulations for having enjoyed your date, and may you enjoy many more.

Hon, I believe that most people tend to over-think at times and that may cause stress in their lives. I under-think at all times because my mind is even smaller than my pecker is. :-)

On Monday, which some only think of as a 4th of July holiday but I think of as "American Independence Day", weather permitting, I will install 2 small versions of "Old Glory" on my mailbox post and a much larger flag from a post on my carport where it will be visible from the street. I will be thankful that I can enjoy what freedoms I still have as an American and say a prayer for the safe return of all of the members of the US military who are now serving all Americans in hostile places around this globe we call Earth.

After that, whatever I may do do enjoy my day is irrelevant in my mind.

Average Girl aka Tracy said...

You are my boot camp hero girl... Congrats on the poundage and the strength you felt from it!!!!!

As for the guy, anyone who brought me peach roses on my first date, would definitely get a second, plus third, and fourth and fifth!!! Already so thoughtful puts him high up in my eyes!!! AND YOU SO DESERVE IT!

Stay friends with "Alana"... I have done it in the past too with girls I have met thru close guy friends, guys don't get all freaky about that stuff, people that you hit it off with are hard to meet, hold onto the friendship!

Have a great weekend darlin xxoo

Oilfield Trash said...

Glad you had a good date.

And the friend thing is a tricky one. I had a girl I dated a while back who worked her way into a lot of my friends life which I was not really cool with and told her but she did it anyways. So I can understand your concerns with that issue. I don't see a problem with it in your situation though.

Red Shoes said...

I'm very happy for you and the date! And he DID remember the peach rose so that is an extra plus!!!


myjoyproject said...

Sounds like a great night - can't wait for the rest of the deets :)

And major congrats for completing the bootcamp!! And way to go for allowing yourself to toot your own horn about it - what an accomplishment!!

We had Canada Day yesterday and I enjoyed my day off by relaxing in my backyard in the sunshine with a good book.

Monday I'll be back to work! Happy Independence Day to y'all though ;)

Be safe!


Cinderita said...

HOORAY FOR A GREAT 1st DATE!!! sounds like a great one!!!! i can't believe you're going to make us wait for

hooray for bootcamp and 24lbs! YAY YOU!!! That's amazing!

And you can hang out with anyone you want. as long as you don't talk about your friend, you are in the clear. and there is nothing to feel guilty about if he knows and she knows that he knows. you're all good.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Ok late coming here but what ya going to do shoot me shun me poop on me ok Jo-Anne move one from that and get to the point, way to go losing 24lbs you must be starting to look fantastic...
next a great date lucky you not having to say you want to ask someone to put your flowers in water so you can get up and leave while still taking you flowers with you followed by having to change your phone number so he can not ring you again....what you would not just get up and leave damn I would........

You should still hang out with her best friends ex nohting wrong with it as long as you do not talk about the ex and he knows you will be hanging out with his ex and doesn't care then go do it and stop over thinking it, it will give you a headache............

getyourselfconnected said...

Mad props for the 24 pounds, wow! Good work. That guy remembered your fav rose color?? Impressive! Have a great week.

Yvonne said...

Belle - Thanks! What book are you reading?

YRJ- Thank you! "Good Ol' Fourth" sounds awesome! Happy Independence Day to you!

Mynx- Hope your day was anything but boring! I agree, I'm keeping the new friend! lol

Don- Thanks! I hope to enjoy many more! :)

Tracy- You're too sweet! Thank you! Am keeping "Alana" and date number two is coming up soon!

OT- yah, I hear you. I'm going to keep both of them and keep them separate!

Shoes- I know! I was totally blown away that he remembered because I just mentioned it in passing and forgot about it!

Kelly- Thanks! I'm proud of that accomplishment! It's a great feeling!

Rita- thanks so much! I agree, I decided to keep both friends though.

JoAnn- Thank you! I'm trying! As for the dillemma, it's been sorted. I'm keeping both! lol

GYC- I know right? Very impressive! Thanks for the congrats on the weight loss! I'm far from my goal but am getting there for sure! Have an awesome week as well!

The Frisky Virgin said...

First, YAY on the date! I had a good feeling about this one based on your post about him. AND he remembered you love peach roses!!!!! Oooh, he's a keeper!

Second, so proud of you re: Boot Camp! I tell you, I couldn't do that for one hour, much less for the entire course.

Third, if you and his ex have become good friends (and both parties don't see a problem with you remaining friends) then I don't see any reason to worry. :)