Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot for Teacher!

I just finished watching Justin Timberlake on Jay Leno.  I don't know why I find this guy so damn sexy, but I do.  Funny, I never cared for 'N Sync and had never even heard of JT until Cry Me A River came out.  I've been salivating a fan ever since.  So he was on Jay Leno to promote his latest movie, Bad Teacher.  It looks like it's going to be funny and I'll probably take my niece with me to watch it.   Yes, I am a dork like that.  Anyway, the reason I brought this up to begin with, is because the title of the movie made me think about the song, Hot for Teacher by Van Halen. For you youngsters out there, Google is your friend. Or just click here:

 So as I was jamming to the song earlier, I thought about all of the teachers I had growing up and tried to remember if I was ever "hot" for any of my teachers.  Sadly, I was not. See, I went to a Catholic elementary school and an all girl high school,  all of my teachers were nuns.  I never had a  teacher I could drool over.  That is, until my sophomore year in college.  OH.MY.GOD.  I will never forget my English professor.  He was from Boston, he was older and he was incredibly sexy!  Like Richard Gere meets Javier Bardem sexy! Minus the Spanish accent.  Needless to say, I was the perfect student in that class and I never missed a day!  Ever.  Fun times.

And just because I'm no longer in school, doesn't mean I still can't be "Hot for Teacher."  I've got a few male friends who are teachers that are definitely "drool" worthy.

So bloggies, what about you?  Ever been "Hot for Teacher?" 

Do tell.

9 comments: said...

There was a history teacher in Middle School, Mr. K-something (I can't even remember his name). We were all hot for him. Other than that, I got nothin'. (Actually, I still got nothin', but I did have a crush.) =)

Don said...

I got an early start and lused after my second grade teacher. :-)

savvy said...


David Batista said...

I wanted to marry my kindergarten teacher. Does that count?

Other than that, no. I never had a hot teacher. Not even in college. I'm probably poorer for it, but oh well.

Anonymous said...

I have never been a JT fan before seeing him on SNL in those hilarious skits and I definitely want to see Bad Teacher--it looks hilarious! I agree that there is something sexy about him...for me it is his ability to laugh at himself and how he attained fame...I think that is why I fell for him after SNL. So sexy.

Average Girl aka Tracy said...

Not one bloody teacher was worth being hot for in school... All a bunch of freaks... And this particular freaky one like to grope my ass every time I bent over for stretches during soccer practices... Yikes and shivers!

Kelley said...

Ha! Hmmm...let me think about that. Some substitute teachers were pretty cute, but, no, I don't think I was ever hot for any teachers. Bummer, right?

(BTW, your comment about "Potty Lane" cracked me up. I totally believe you! I've been to Porter!)

getyourselfconnected said...

JT is unreal great in "Alpha Dog". I had all old lady or men teachers so nothing there, not like todays headlines :)

Yvonne said...

Robyn - Ha ha, you crack me up!

Don -Oh? An early acheiver I see!;)

Savvy- Welcome and thanks for the follow!

David - Sure it still counts! That just tells me you were quite the "player" even as a second grader. lol

Jewels - There's just something about him isn't there? :)

Tracy - eww! I hope you reported that jerk! Thankfully, I never had experiences like that growing up, those came later, in college...

Kelley- haha! Then you know what I'm talking about!

GYC- Yeah! I forgot about that movie! I really liked it!