Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love Sex and Rock and Roll -not really

It's 12:49 a.m., I'm sitting here catching up on blogs and comments and listening to music, having some wine.  But mostly, I'm finally taking in a certain event that transpired earlier this week.  Sigh, wow.  Eleven months.  I've tried not to give it much thought.  But I'm not fooling myself, it's all I think about, even when I'm sleeping.  I know I am not making much sense, but it's okay.  I'll divulge later, or not.  In other news, I'm still a "gypsy" or as a certain someone called me, a "nomad".  But it looks like Saturday night, I'll FINALLY be able to move back into my room!  Keep your fingers crossed!  What else? Well, I've been in this incredibly "sappy" mood.  Love stories, poems about love, loss, heart-break, wild, uninhibited sex (no, no, not me.  just stuff I'm writing about.  I'm living the life of a nun remember???)  I suppose being in this mood is better than being angry or frustrated or both.  I choose sappy instead. Besides, if you put an "h" in place of the "s", what does it spell????  HAPPY! :)

Putting this blog post out of it's misery. G'night!


Mynx said...

sweet dreams :)

Belle said...

Yvonne, you can't tease us and leave us hanging! I want to know everything about what happened!
I am very glad you will soon be in your own bed.

Ashley said...

I'm always in that lovey mood in need of romance and spontaneity. I'm a SAHM and my husband works full time so we are deprived of the romance! Lol. I just watched two movies that made me melt: Before Sunrise and the sequel Before Sunset. It's filled with witty banter and a strong love connection. I just loved it so I thought I would share. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog LA Bird's Nest. :)

Robin said...

Hang in there Yvonne!

Alessandra said...

Well, it's Saturday night here and I hope you' re back in your room, hopefully that will cheer you up a bit. Hang in there girl, it will get better, or we'll make it get better. :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

So happy to hear that you will be back home soon! I can't imagine how you must be feeling after so long away. Will it even feel normal to you after all this time?

Yvonne said...

Ashley- Thanks for dropping by! I'm going to look up those movies you mentioned and watch them. I can never have too much sappy! :)

Robin- I'm "hangin'" :)

Alessandra- thanks so much! I know it's going to get better. I just get impatient sometimes.

YRJ- haha, I'm sure it will be fine!