Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NASA -What is Your Problem?

As a native Houstonian I am both stunned and saddened at the news that the Johnson Space Center will not receive any of the shuttles that traveled to space.  This despite the fact that the space shuttle program's history is inextricably linked to the Johnson Space Center. Throughout its 30-year history, the program has been managed in Houston, each mission has been controlled by it's talented professionals at Mission Control, and astronauts who have flown on shuttles have been trained and lived in the community.  This city has served as the heart of the space shuttle program since its inception.  What is even more mind boggling is learning which cities would receive a piece of space history.  Florida, N.Y. and L.A., those were the chosen ones.   (Really? Los Angeles? Excuse me if I throw up a little in my mouth!)  I hate that I sound like a sore loser but right now, that's what it feels like here.  I guess I just don't understand the reasoning behind all of this spurn.  I'm not altogether sure there is an acceptable reason.  A few of my colleagues discussed this over lunch today and the consensus was that politics played a major role in the deciding factor.  You know, I guess I can agree with that, but it doesn't lessen the disappointment or the feeling of a balloon being popped just as you reach out to grab it, that the majority of people are experiencing tonight, in Houston.  And really, who cares if it was politics or whatever other "reason" NASA had for it's choices!?  To me, it was a slap on the face to all of the JSC employees, their families, as well as the astronauts that lost their lives on the Challenger and Columbia. 

It's bad enough that the space program will probably or more than likely be extinct in about five years or so, but what happened today, well, that just adds insult to injury.

And with that said, I'm getting off my soapbox for tonight.



The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

Two things:

1) That was the only time I agreed with John Cornyn on anything.

2) Passing the California Science Center on the freeway when they had a Sesame Street body exhibit going on, Elmo was perched on the roof and could be seen from my vantage point. Elmo's a good muppet and all, but this is where they want one of the shuttles to be? It's not exactly an ideal location and the Calfornia Science Center needs it like Charlie Sheen needs his job back.

The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

I just realized I spelled California wrong in my previous comment, but considering the prize-package 7 years I've spent here (first brought on by my father, who needed a teaching job elsewhere quickly when his job was ultimately eliminated in the Broward County School District in South Florida), I don't care to be correct.

David Batista said...

I'm just glad we'll get the Enterprise shuttle in my city. It might never have gone up into space, but it brings out the Trekkie in me all the same. :)

Oilfield Trash said...

I agree with you 100%. You should see my post tomorrow about this very same thing.

myjoyproject said...

Wow. I agree wholeheartedly.

Sunny Dee said...

I agree!! I'm not even from Houston, but seriously. If anything is ingrained in our brains with space exploration it's Houston. Indeed this sucks.

Kelley said...

I am so glad you wrote about this today. I have been kind of out of the loop on this and I live in Houston. Shame on me but, even more, SHAME ON NASA!!

G said...

It does seem crazy that they wouldn't pick Houston...being from across the pond there is a natural association between the space program and Houston...such a shame

Yvonne said...

Rory - ha! that made me laugh!

David - believe it or not, a good friend of mine also wanted the enterprise here in houston, for your exact reason! you trekkies you!

OT- thanks! i'll check it out!

Kelly- thanks!!!

SD- I know!!!

Kelley- Shame on NASA indeed!

G- thank you for your sentiment!

Belle said...

I think this is awful news. I would bet it has something to do with money. Los Angeles must have offered to pay more than Houston or something. It really is a slap in the face.

Yvonne said...

Belle - But Cali is broke! lol I have no idea what that's about but it definitely stinks!