Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Shall We Play A Game?"

Years ago when the movie War Games came out, I was crazy about Matthew Broderick, who starred in the movie.  I hope at least some of you, got the  title reference, if you didn't, it's okay, google it! lol 

Lets move on mmmkay?  I think that picture is so pretty! I love sunflowers! Thank you Israel Carrasco from Monologues Jokes for tagging me on this little factoid.  Please check out his blog if you haven't already, he's quite funny and you won't be disappointed.     

Ready, set, go?

The rules are as follows......

* Copy and paste this award to your blog

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* List 7 facts about yourself

* Give the award to 5 other bloggers and tell them they have won


1- I drink coke like water.  I need intervention.  Kinda. I'm currently working on cutting it out altogher.

2- I used to play the flute in the 6th and 7th grade, then I stopped.

3- I love to take walks on the beach.

4- I'm claustophobic.

5- My friend and I once stalked followed Hall and Oates after a concert and she almost ran Daryl Hall over with her car because she got so excited when he got off the tour bus, she hit the accelerator instead of the brake.  Good thing he had quick reflexes.  Needless to say, we were escorted off the property. lol *ok, so some of you( a lot of you) may not know who Hall and Oates is. They were the equivilant of modern day bubble gum band.  Think, NKOTB.

6- My favorite all time favorite group ever, is Chicago.  I love, love, love them. I especially like their horn section and Bobby Lamb and Peter Cetera (vintage Chicago).  I'll never tire of seeing them, or listening to their music. 

7- I wanted to be a journalist when I was in college.  I interned for one of the local newspapers here in Houston and then changed my mind.  I got an English degree instead.

In echoing Israel's sentiment ---- "I love you all but I can only choose 5 in no order:"

The following are fellow bloggers I picked randomly as I state above.  If you have some time, check out their blogs, you wont' be disappointed!

1- Frisky Virgin
2- Mynx
3-Jess from Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot
4. Sunny Dee
5. David Batista

Now you know a little bit more about me.  Hmm, don't know if that's good or bad.  Thanks for playing!


David Batista said...

I know all your references! (hee, hee)

War Games was one of those movies I watched over and over again with my little brother when we were kids. At one point, I could recite the script word for word. Yeah. :)

And my wife is a HUGE Hall & Oates fan! She's also crazy over Peter Cetera and Chicago, so I've gotten used to hearing their music blasted all over the house. That was a funny story, though, about almost running over Mr. Hall!

Hey, thanks for tagging me! I think I'm all factoid out, though, from that 100-question meme I participated in a little while ago. I'll see if I have anything left to reveal about myself that everyone else doesn't already know. But don't hold your breath. :)

Yvonne said...

David - Yay! I'm glad someone got what I was talking about! It's a totally cool movie! I think I'm going to pull it out and watch it this weekend! Your wife is a good woman! hahaha Hall and Oates and Chicago rock!!!

Don't worry about the factoid thing. Not a big deal! Besides, that's what blogs are for, to reveal yourself -or not. tehehehe :)

Belle said...

I've never watched War Games, but I love Matthew Brodrick, especially in Biloxi Blues (I think thats the name). Love the story about stalking Hall and Oates!

Yvonne said...

My childhood best friend use to be in love with Matthew Broderick. In fact, it was she who "introduced" me to him as well as Hall and Oates. She's the one that almost ran over Daryl Hall. hahaha


You would love Chicago. They are corny as hell lol and overly sentomental.

Yvonne said...

Israel - LMAO! Callate tu!


sorry typo: sentimental

Yvonne said...

Yeah, yeah, I got your typo, buddy! ;)