Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini-skirts, Tights and Women Who Wear Them

I was working on a story and had the tv on for background noise this evening.  All of a sudden, I hear this mousy-voice say, "If you're a woman over 30, you should not be wearing a mini-skirt or tights."  Whaaaat??? Really mousy-voice woman? Really?  Give me a break! I'm not only over thirty but I can STILL rock the mini with or without tights.  You know, these self-proclaimed "experts" are full of baloney!  Who decided what you should or should not wear?  Grant it, I know what I look good in and what I don't look good in, and what I have NO business in! And if I don't, believe me, one of my friends will let me know in a heartbeat!  It's not like I'm talking about wearing a pleaded skirt with knee high socks or something! (well unless it's Halloween)  But to generalize and say that a woman of a certain age shouldn't wear a certain outfit?  Yeah, that's just wrong.  As a woman, I believe we should wear what makes us feel good and sexy and attractive.  Who gives a shit what those self-proclaimed "experts" say!  Ugh! She really pissed me off with that statement! I feel my inner "Julia Sugarbaker" coming on and a letter to that mousy-voice woman, in my future. 

Wear THAT!

3 comments: said...

I bet that mousy-voiced b**** hasn't rocked a mini or tights in decades - if ever. I fully agree; no one should dictate what to wear or not to wear.

Shady Del Knight said...

See now this is an example of a post that could be made even better with lots of self pics. The Catholic school girl look is a favorite of mine.

Yvonne said...

RR - My sentiments exactly! lol

Shady - Of course it IS! lol