Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's A Wrap!

First week of 2011 -done!  All in all, my week was pretty normal.  Whatever that means.  Work was crazy-busy and stressful, and hectic and chaotic, you know, the usual.  Went back to my old friend, Gym.  I neglected him during the holidays and while I still went occasionally, I was not as dedicated as I normally am.  He was relentless and pretty pissed that I had been away so long.  My aching body told me so.  To show him how much I missed him, I did extra time on the treadmill, pushed myself to do hour and a half cadio-classes and even tried yoga! Yeah, yoga nearly killed me but I'll tell that story another time.  Despite the aches, I feel great! And am ready to hit it again tomorrow!  As for  my self-imposed alcohol ban, I am happy to report that week one was a success. No alcohol.  I was tempted over and over and over again by frienemies and friends alike, but I stood my ground and stuck to water or Sprite (just for the fizzies in my glass).  I found it interesting that whenever I was asked, "What are you drinking?" or "Can I get you anything?" and I replied, "Water." or "No thanks, I'm good." I was met with looks of confusion.  Whatever.  I had one friend ask me why I was drinking water as if I was drinking motor oil or something equally disgusting.  "Water? Why are you drinking that?"  I just smiled and told him that I wanted water and that was that.  It kind of bugged me a little. But then, as I thought more about it, I felt a little ashamed. Had I not just done the same thing to another friend last week on NYE?   My friend Mariano was partying with us and I asked what he was drinking and he told me he was drinking Coke -straight.  I remember rolling my eyes and mumbling something to him about it being NYE and "What do you mean you're not drinking?" Ugh! Could I really have been as obnoxious as the jesters that pestered me last week and over the weekend? Hmm, note to self, must refrain from heckling people who are not imbibing.  But I am proud of myself.  God knows I really wanted some wine last night.  Really!  But I didn't indulge and I feel great about that!  So, I'm mentally preparing myself for the week ahead.  You know me, Sunday nights make me anxious about work, this one being no different.

Make it a great week guys!  I know I will.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hey kiddo, welcome to my world. I'm 18.5 years into my program and I still get treated like the alien from planet Zero every time I turn down an alcoholic drink. It amazes me how shook up people get when one of their former drinking buddies decides to think and act independently rather than follow the herd.

I have no right to ask this, Yvonne, but I will ask anyway because I care about you. You already picked a date and an occasion a couple of months from now when you intend to resume drinking. Before you put your brain on auto pilot and go back to that pattern, please take stock of your life and ask yourself in all honesty if your life ran better with or without alcohol. During the months you were alcohol free did you feel better when you woke up in the morning? Did you have more energy? Were you able to think better? Did relationships improve? Were you more often free of depression? Did you feel better about yourself? Did you have a sense of pride in your accomplishment? Did you lose weight (your original reason for cessation)? Add up the benefits of abstinence and compare that list to the benefits of drinking which would include pleasing the palate, getting a buzz, and fitting in with with the drinking crowd. Ask yourself honestly which list makes a better case. Which one is more compelling? Which one has more merit? Which program is right for you, not for those who are applying peer pressure for you to drink, but for YOU? Once you have answered those questions you can proceed accordingly knowing that you made an informed decision either way.

Belle said...

I notice for myself my mood is a notch higher when I don't drink. You did well, Yvonne. It is very hard not to drink when all your friends are and then apply pressure.

Yvonne said...

Shady - I totally get this.

Belle - Thanks! I'm pretty proud of myself too!