Saturday, November 13, 2010

Held Hostage

Francesca and Mario were friends for a long time and then they fell in love. For years they were the "IT" couple and oozed of happiness and all things amore. But just like the song, "Love don't Live Here Anymore", one day, Francesca woke up and realized she was not happy, she was no longer in love and she wanted out. So she left without looking back. Keep in mind, that throughout the years, she and her love, or former love, created a home together, filled it with material things along with hopes and dreams. Well, Francesca in her haste to get out of the relationship, literally bolted and didn't think of the repercussions of her actions. Fast forward to the present. Francesca has moved on but Mario is still clinging to any grasp of hope that there may be left of winning back Francesca's heart.

This is where it gets ugly. While the couple never married, they were together almost ten years. They shared everything that couples share during this time. A few years have passed since they officially ended their relationship. But now Francesca has resurfaced into Mario's life. You see, there are still matters to be handled. Financial matters. Of epic proportions! Mario owes Francesca money for furnishings that Francesca paid for on her credit. She's since paid off the debt in full. However, Mario, who in the beginning would give payments to Francesca towards the credit card, soon decided that since she cut him out of her life, then he didn't need to finish paying on the debt they both incurred. His reasoning for this is that the minute he pays her in full, she will be permanently gone from his life. (Even though she's been gone for well almost 4 years now!) He won't meet her halfway either. Meaning, it's his way or no way. Basically, if she wants her money, she'll have to see him, spend time with him, otherwise, she won't see a dime. I suppose most would say, walk away and cut your losses. But Francesca insists that the money owed to her is a surmountable amount and it just isn't fair. Especially since she left empty-handed.

This is a "fictitious" story bloggers. It was inspired by friends' various accounts of money being a major factor in ending relationships. In this particular scenario, while it wasn't the money that ended the relationship, it is the money that is holding Francesca hostage to a relationship she no longer wants to be a part of.

What do you think?

Is Mario being fair? Is Francesca being unreasonable? What would you do?

Chime in your thoughts please, I'm curious to hear what you have to say!

Relationships are a bitch sometimes!

Thanks for playing!


Anonymous said...

Well Mario should at least try to help pay off some of it.

Cinderita said...

You know what? Sounds like (although fiction) Mario is incomplete with how Francesca left the relationship. He needs to get complete. I can totally understand that. There are likely things that he needs to hear that would make a difference for him. This isn't about the money. This is about his broken heart. Especially if he didn't see it coming. So often couples make it about the money because it's a tangible thing they can use and often it's just a reflection of how heart broken they are. That's ultimately all it comes down to. Personally I think Francesca just has a few things to be responsible for, to share with Mario (I know I know they aren't real). I bet if she were willing to share with him and give him an opportunity to get complete, he'd just pay her. I won't bet real money since they aren't real, but I think you get my point. G'nite! xx

♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

they both dont need to be together AT ALL!!! not if its like this!!

YEEEVONNNEE!! its good to read you again!

Belle said...

Mario should pay of course, but it seems like Francesca is caught in a bind. The only way I can see to make him pay and not see him would be to take him to court. If she can't do that, I guess she will have to walk away. Unless she has a brother who will beat him to a pulp, she has no way to force him to pay.

Average Girl said...

Hey Yvonne!

per your request dahling... your blog will be featured this monday on my paying it forward post... just wanted to give you the heads up!!!


Yvonne said...

Average Girl - Wow! Thanks! That's awesome!!! :)