Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blame it on the Meds

I woke up feeling not so good yesterday. I'll spare you the gory details and just say I must have caught a stomach bug or something gross like that! Anyway, today I felt a litte better but still a little weak. At any rate, I missed writing and blogging. I'm in the middle of working on my novel and hate when I don't work on it even if it's just for one day! And this blog has become an outlet for the emotional rollercoaster that is my life! Writing is my passion. It's pretty awesome! So anyway, here I am!

Watching the Latin Grammys tonight I observed a few things. Let me share with you -ready?

Observation #1
Chris Botti is not only hot but damn can he blow his horn!

Observation #2
Charo is what? 100 years old now? Ok I know, I know, she's not really 100 but pretty close I'm sure! Anyway, my observation is that even though she is ancient she still has that body! And she can still "cuchi cuchi"!!!

Observation #3
Something about spanish music that is so sexy! And the men who sing it are even more CALIENTE!

Observation #4
I want to go dancing! lol

There you have it. -You're welcome, you're welcome! :) You see, this is what happens when you get sick and heavily medicate yourself into oblivion and/or mindless chatter! Don't try this at home! ha!

Ok kids, that's all I've got for now.



Sandra said...

What Charo is not 100 years old? Geez, i thought she would be. I remember her from Love Boat among other things. And she gives us all hope if she still has the body!

Shady Del Knight said...

For years Charo was a regular guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. I loved to watch her crack Johnny up with her outrageous statements and incessant jiggling. Charo is an original. She is a live wire and a free spirit. We can all learn a lot from her about how to stay young.

Cinderita said...

Feel better. xo


Who is older Olga Brinski or Charo?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Can Chris Botti really blow his own horn? The guy must have an incredibly supple back.

Belle said...

I remember Charo from when I was a kid, and I'm 60. She's got to be in her 80s or 90s.

Yvonne said...

Sandra - welcome! thanks for dropping by! and thanks for the follow! -haha i remember her on the love boat as well! and no kidding! we should all aspire to look like her or raquel welch or sofia loren! ok, i'm depressed now! lol

Shady - word!

Cinderita - thanks sweets! i actually feel much better today!

Israel - hahaha! right? i think Charo is older.

GB - ha, you got jokes!

Belle - I remember her growing up and i'm 44 so...yah! lol She's up there in age!