Monday, October 4, 2010


Sometimes, a lot of times, it gets so hard to follow the path that I've recently mapped out for myself. It would be easy for me to fall back into the same "old ways" and continue going in circles. But it's those times that I feel I'm being tested, to see how much I can take, to see if I can endure and persevere. I am not a failure. I just need to convince my inner self of that. In discussing my progress and my relapses with my friend Carla the other day, she said something that really hit a nerve. We were discussing a particular situation in my life that I believe I can't get past or won't let go because I have not had closure. She pondered a bit on this and then told me that "Sometimes, we have to create our own closure."

"Create our own closure" -it made perfect sense! I've been waiting around, hoping for "one more conversation" for "one more time" but for what? It wouldn't matter. It's up to me to close the door. It's up to me to keep going. It's up to me to succeed. We have to do whatever it takes to meet our objective. That's what I need to do. Enough of this procrastinating into oblivion.

Sometimes, the simplest of conversations, are the most wise.

Thanks C!


Shady Del Knight said...

Carla is a wise friend. It is empowering to learn how to flip a switch in your mind and turn off an unresourceful thought or nagging voice. It can be done, and like anything else you gain confidence and get better at it with practice.

Belle said...

I used to let my depressing thoughts make me feel bad. But I learned from two writers that we don't have to continue on with a thought just because it is there in our mind. We can choose to think about something else.

This had never occured to me before (I'm a little slow). I used to let my thoughts and feelings control me, but now I am learning to control my thoughts with positive ones, then my feelings get better. I say things out loud or to myself that bring a smile to my face. T
Doing this has changed my whole life.

Yvonne said...

Shady -Yes she is way beyond her years!

Belle - I think what you are doing is good for you! And it's working so that's even better! :)