Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sometimes my mind is racing with all kinds of stuff. And other times, miraculously, it is silent. -Like tonight. Oh don't get me wrong, the "stuff" is stil there, but sometimes it give me a reprieve, and remains silent. That could be a good and bad thing.

Good -I get to veg in front of the tv or on the couch with a book; I transport myself to a serene and worry-free place.

The Bad - My writersblock goes into full effect. And I am left empty. So sometimes, the "mind racing" is the better choice.

Take this futile attempt to write something witty and enticing -FAIL!
I'm just tired, mentally, emotionally and physically.

So forgive my less than stellar post, but come back again, I will redeem myself! I promise! :)



I did a post a writer's block. I called it "the cure for writer's block." Here is a video I recommended:



Sorry did a post on writer's block...

Shady Del Knight said...

True friends do not require you to be witty and enticing at all times, Yvonne. If you appreciate them and keep it real they will stand by you. Writer's block happens to everybody occasionally. Take this lame comment of mine for example!

Belle said...

Sometimes a photo in a magazine will remind me of something in my life, or something I feel strongly about. Also, I agree with what Shady said about friends.