Thursday, September 16, 2010


Lately it seems I've been lacking inspiration. For what, you ask? Well lets see, inspiration to write, I've been neglecting my short stories, my book that has yet to find an ending, -myself. I've not felt inspired to be myself lately. Last month was all about putting things in order, in perspective. More importantly, it was about letting go of the toxic, of fairy tales conjured up by yours truly, of obstacles that were preventing me to become a better version of myself. Sigh, that was a lot of work and very draining for me. But I did it. I bared my soul, looked within myself and saw a glimmer of hope for me. But now I suddenly find myself losing focus, lacking desire. I don't pretend to beleive that change will occur over night, I know I have a long road ahead. I guess this is all part of the process. Plus I have been working crazy, long hours since mid August and dealing with family issues at home -including my own! No wonder Inspiration doesn't want to come visit! :)

But oddly enough, it finally decided to come out of hiding. And it came in the form of a beautiful, most awesome sunset. I was driving home tonight and as I sat there in traffic hell, I saw the sun as it was setting, the kind of setting sun that whisks you away to a gorgeous beach, or on a cruise ship, standing beside your lover, marveling at mother nature's art work. The sky was a pastel blue, with shades of purples and pinks, and the sun was a big orange, vibrant ball, getting smaller and smaller with every passing moment. It took my breath away. I got so caught up in the sunset that I didn't even notice that traffic was moving again, until this idiot behind me blares his horn at me. So there you have it, the sun inspired me tonight.

The saga to a better version of myself continues, stay tuned!

What inspires you at times? Motivates you? Share with me.


Belle said...

Like you, nature inspires me. Also, reading magazines and books inspire stories for me as they often remind me of an event or stir up a strong reaction in me.

My blogs are mostly about my family, so of course they are my greatest inspiration. Sometimes movies or TV shows can inspire me.

I read a fairy tale to my grandchildren once. It originated from Norway. They loved the story so much I had to tell it over and over. I had never heard this story before and thought it would make a terrific Disney animated movie. I tried to write a screenplay but I just don't have the writing skills for fiction.

I can see why you are having trouble getting inspired right now. Dealing with strong emotional issues can be overwhelming. Don't worry, when you have resolved things the inspiration and interest in writing will return.

Yvonne said...

Aww, you should have tried the screenplay Belle! I am sure your grandchildren appreciate you very much for reading to them. Thanks for your encouragement, I truly appreciate it!

Shady Del Knight said...

The movie Ruby in Paradise inspires me, Yvonne. Released in 1993, the quiet little indie film is regarded by critics as the best acting performance of Ashley Judd's career. Filmed on location in the Florida panhandle beach town of Panama City, Ruby in Paradise follows the journey of a young woman starting over and reinventing herself in a new place.

I discovered Ruby a few years ago on the Independent Film Channel. I joined the movie in progress during the scene in which Ruby is working in a souvenir shop performing the mundane task of dusting shelves covered with knickknacks. I became absolutely mesmerized by the meticulous manner in which Ruby carried out her duty. She took extreme care to polish every surface on every piece of merchandise. It was as if she was awaiting military inspection. Surely no one would have noticed if she had done a less thorough job of it and skipped a few nooks and crannies. The point is that she didn't allow herself to take a shortcut. It mattered to her to do the job right, do it thoroughly and completely. That simple yet powerful scene reminded me of the profound satisfaction to be derived from living in the moment, staying focused on what I'm doing, and always doing it to the best of my ability.

Ruby in Paradise is filled with gems. It offers many other valuable life lessons. It rings with truth and resonates with men and woman of all ages. I highly recommend it. I believe Ruby will inspire you, Yvonne!

Yvonne said...

I actually have Ruby in Paradise in my DVR collection! I really enjoyed it and yes, it truly is inspirational in many different ways. Thanks for recommending it!