Monday, September 27, 2010

The Truth WILL Set You Free

No matter how much you try, you just can't run away from yourself. It's not possible, trust me, I've been running for years! Lately though, in my continuing effort to become a better version of myself, I've stopped running. Because really, all I've been doing all these years is running in circles, expecting different outcomes, but experiencing the exact same ones each time. Well, I don't want to keep running in circles anymore, and I want different outcomes. So, no more running away. I'm here to stay!

I've been saying ad nauseum in my blog that we hate to see ourselves in the mirror, we don't like facing our truths and baring our soul. And it's true! No one likes to do that. Reality checks are just not fun! But in order to persevere and succeed, they must be conducted.

I must say that although at times painful and difficult, facing truths and dealing with our issues is a great way to cleanse our life. A great way to know what we're truly made of and how strong we really are.

And that my fellow bloggers, is truly awesome!

Working on a reformation plan as we speak (er, type).

Stay tuned.


Belle said...

I like to say to myself, "I'm too old and tired to work on myself any more." I'd actually like to do that. But then I read about some wonderful person, or I read something inspiring about love and then I do want to work on myself. I do want to be a better person. So I ask God to put those wonderful things in my heart.


Good. Hope the transformation makes u happy.

Shady Del Knight said...

I am reminded of the amoeba, the one celled organism that predictably moves away from an unpleasant stimulus every time that stimulus is applied. We all tend to behave much the same way. Instead of confronting an unplesasant issue head-on, our first instinct is to back away from it. When you deal with a problem directly rather than avoiding it you diminish its power and control. You get it resolved and out of your way.

If you bake a cake and determine that it doesn't taste good you need to change the recipe. Unless and until you change the recipe you will continue to produce the same cake.

Another analogy would be your Houston Texans. If Sunday's game against the Cowgirls had been extended for another three hours and the Texans continued to play the game the same way the outcome would not have changed. Your home boys would still have lost. However, if they had devised and implimented a new strategy they could have won!

Stay flexible. Remain open to new possibilities. Interrupt your old pattern and try a new approach. Don't expect external circumstances to fall into place for your convenience. They probably won't. Take charge. Change your strategy and keep changing it until you produce the desired outcome.

Yvonne said...

Belle - you're never too old to change for the better!

Israel - Me too, me too...

Shady - Excellent words of advice! Thank you!