Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday Night Happy

We were at the Miller Outdoor Theater tonight, which is exactly that! It's in Hermann Park, on a hill, and at the bottom of the hill, there is a stage for dance performances or concerts or plays or movies. Tonight was Family Night at the Movies. The featured movie was Avatar. Show time was as soon as it got dark. I'd never seen the movie before, I know, I know, I'm probably the only one on this planet that never saw it!!!! So, armed with a blanket, some french bread, cheese and pecans (What? Ok, ok, strange combination I know, but someone else took the wine! And I just happened to see the pecans on my way out so I bought them!) I made my way up the hill and searched for my friends. Finding them, I quickly spread the blanket on the ground, unveiled the cheese and the bread, asked for some wine and sat down, ready to enjoy the movie. There was a small group: Karina, Jeannette, Marvi, Diana, Inmar and David. All comfy on lawn chairs and/or blankets, with munchies and adult beverages in hand! There was even a cool (yes cool!) breeze in the air! Something unheard of in Houston! We're still in Summer and HOT is our only temperature!!! There I go again, "digressing"!!!! lol Apologies.

Ok so amidst the many conversations taking place prior to the movie, this one made my heart smile. "If you close your eyes, you become invisible and no one else can see you!" so said my friend Jeanette. Well, I'm paraphrasing because I can't recall verbatem. Eh, just go with it! She went on to explain that she had told her niece the same thing and her eyes opened wide in disbelief and excitement! "She says it to me now all the time!" said tia Jeanette proudly. Life through a child's eyes makes everything just seem so simple and happy doesn't it?

Oh yeah, the movie was great! I really enjoyed it and didn't even mind that it rained on us a little bit. It was a soft misty rain -nothing that couldn't be tolerated. I mean, SOME people (who shall remain nameless) even managed to sleep -snore and all!!!! :)

Good times on a Friday night. Thanks for coming along!

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Belle said...

Sounds like such a fun night. I liked Avatar too. My daughter says she can't watch it again because she bawls when the tree is destroyed and keeps crying till the end of the movie.