Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I DO"

I'm curious, do I have a sign on my face that screams, "Desperate"!!!!? I have been getting hit on by nothing but MARRIED men lately! It's really getting on my nerves! What the hell??? "No I don't want your number!", "No, I won't go out with you!", Why??? "Um, because you're MARRIED!!!!" Funny how they "forget" that part! Ugh! Scum!!! Some men are blatant about it too, they don't care if you know or not that they are married. This one man, lets call him Jim-Bob came up to me at a baseball game, he was wearing a wedding band. So I'm cool at first, I mean, I'm not so superficial as to think the every man that approaches me wants to hit on me right? Right! So he starts chatting with me and mind you, I noticed the ring from miles away! (women have a knack for that sort of stuff you know!) Well, he gets thisclose to my face and starts telling me all kinds of crap! "You're the best thing I've seen all day!", "You're so pretty I can't concentrate on the ball game.", and, wait for it, "I'd really like to hit a grand slam with you, let's get outta here..." Bahahahahahaha! Seriously??? Really? That's your closer??? hahahahahaha I proceeded to ask him if his wife would be joining us. "Now why do you have to bring me down like that???" was his reply. Yeah, buh-bye! Oh my god! The next guy I encountered at a mutual friend's house party. His wife was actually at the SAME party!!! He kept pawing me and leering at me all night and even tried to corner me and kiss me. I threatened telling his wife who was only in the next room. He told me I was "No fun!" and walked away laughing. Call me Debbie Downer then LOSER! I swear, some married men are ridiculously stupid! I know there are women out there that actually don't mind dating/seeing/screwing (whatever you want to label it) a married man. Some actually prefer a married man over a single man. Why? I dunno. But I know women who are perfectly happy with that kind of arrangement. Hey, whatever makes you happy but it's so one-sided, not mention just WRONG! Bleh! I don't know what kind of vibe I'm emitting either! lol Because for the past month it seems the ONLY kind of men I've been meeting are the married kind! Hmm, maybe I need to change perfume or something???


Anonymous said...

no your'e not Debbie are Esther Exposer!!LOL...thank you for being MORAL....and shewing those flys away.....yay!!! ONE for MORALITY!!!

Yvonne said...

Ha! "Esther the Exposer"!!! I never heard that one before! Thanks for the laugh! -Dumb "flies"!!!