Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shopping Therapy???

Whenever I get sad or anxious, I tend to go shopping. For what is not important! It's pretty much irrelevant, the important thing is that I do some shopping! On these occasions, my OCD kicks in! Seriously! One time, I bought 11 pair of earrings because I couldn't decide which one pair I wanted. Same thing with books or shoes, or candles or whatever catches my fancy when I am in that state. I can't just buy one thing! It's almost like there is a void I am trying fill in my life. But that feeling of satisfaction only lasts until the "next" time I get the urge. I have a several friends that love to drink, but certain ones, can't stop at just one drink, they drink until they pass out. Same thing? Sometimes I yearn for what I feel I am lacking or think I need or deserve and to placate that yearning, I go on a search for something, anything that will satisfy the craving. Which got me thinking, does this happen to everyone? Or just neurotic people like me??? And what is it exactly that I'm trying to fill? Which void? (I have so many! -insert sarcastic laugh here)

I hope I figure it out before I go broke!


Belle said...

I know I comment a lot on your blogs, they just interest me so much.
I have OCD too. Mine comes with thinking the same thoughts over and over and over. I'm also one of those who can't stop at one drink. I am working with God on this right now.
The yearning and craving. That is such a big one and I think everyone on earth has it. We try to fill it with movies, drink, food, money, work, sports - anything to make us feel good. They say God put that feeling in us so we would come to him. I think that may be true. But it takes a lifetime of learning to keep coming to him instead of the other things.

Yvonne said...

Oh I welcome your comments! And thinks for reading my blog! I'm glad you find it interesting! You are so right, it does take a lifetime of learning to but at least you/me/everyone else is on the right track!

Fickle Cattle said...

You know, I have a similar problem. I tend to be normal for a while, and then something weird kicks in, and I suddenly can't help myself from doing something to the point of excess. Like binge eating. Or binge shopping.