Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The "Disappearing" Act

Nothing makes me angrier than the dreaded "Disappearing" Act! What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Well sit a spell, take your shoes off...
Comfy? Good. Now then, when I refer to the "Disappearing" Act, I am referring to man going MIA! Almost from the face of the earth! Case in point, I mentioned a few blogs ago, that I went out on a pretty decent date. And I also mentioned the possibility of having a date number two! Ha! Well, it's been almost two weeks and that "great" guy I was referring to is nowhere to be found! GASP! (totally for dramatic flair of course!) The day after "the date" he TEXT MESSAGED (yeah, that's for another blog!)me what a great time he had and can't wait to see me again and the "ever popular", "I'll call you later"!!!! Riiiiight. Hmm, well, still waiting for his call. See what I mean? I called him over the weekend, no answer, left a message -a brief one along the lines of "Hey! Just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing!" And then I hung up. What I really wanted to say was, "Um, why haven't you called me?" But no, I opted for choice number two, that being the "carefree, non committal message". Ugh! I just don't get why "they" disappear! What is so hard about being hones and upfront? Maybe he changed his mind, maybe he decided to go back to an ex, or maybe he's laid up on some cold, hospital bed! I don't know! I'm just grasping here! I'll never get it, ever. If you have no intention of seeing someone again, why say you do? I mean, okay, maybe in high school or maybe (and that's a stretch) in college you did this but come on now, you're a big boy! An adult even -one would think! Pffft! I don't know. But as my friend Carla says, "boys are just dumb and really, really, simple."

Houdini ain't got nothing on them!

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