Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just Words

I'm so angry at him I can't stand it!!!! I know life is not always fair and things don't always go as we would like them to go but come on now! He's a first class jerk and I am tired, tired, tired of putting up with his crap!!!! I work in a stressful environment as it is. I work for lawyers AND their inflated egos. I get that. I've been doing it over twenty years now! What I cannot stand is beligerent, insulting, conniving, manipulative assholes such as he is! There is nothing I can do to see eye to eye or meet halfway with him and "try" to work amicably... He does not lend himself to that! And don't even get me started on his "people" skills!!!

Ugh! I want to hit him across the forehead and tell him to "grow up"!!!!
But alas, since I don't want to do "hard time" in the "big house" I will abstain from doing anything to cause him or his ego pain. -But I can dream can't I???
I wonder if God keeps score? You know like in grade school? A column for the "good", "bad" and the "unruly"?? That's how we did at Holy Name in elementary days! I would put his "score" in the permanent "going to hell" column!

Yeah so before you jump on me about confronting him or going to "management" or quitting let me explain the situation. I get paid very well for what I do, I love the legal field and what I do, I can't afford to just quit because I have this nagging thing I have to pay on the first of every month called rent, and well, a girl's gotta eat right? You see my dilemma? Oh and as for "management"? Yeah, good luck with that. It's basically "career suicide" if you complain to them! Warranted or not, you're out of luck! And if the complaint is about a partner no less...start packing and leave the key at the door thankyouverymuch!!!

The only comfort I have is a woman I like to call "Karma"... She may not come today, or tomorrow or hell, this year even, but sooner or later she will arrive and oh how delicious the taste in my mouth will be when her wrath embraces that man!

I'm not vindictive. I'm all about justice and the pursuit of happiness! :)

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