Thursday, November 19, 2015

woes of a poet

i don't even have the energy to get the words out
to express how if am feeling
oh they are there
in the deep crevices of my soul
yearning to get out
 to be heard -read

but to do so, would mean opening up my emotions
put them on display

letting my heart bleed
i can't stand the pain

the thought of putting forth such effort
all for the sake of letting my feelings come out
frightens me

my soul

and so, like a bear during the winter months
i return back to my inner cave
to hibernate

safe haven

my words
my truth
will have to wait


Bouncin Barb said...

Dark but nevertheless beautifully written. Looking forward to much brighter days. XX said...

Your poetry is beautiful - a piece of your heart and soul. I especially like the final stanza. It IS your truth. Isn't it ironic how our truth comes out when we refuse to let it? At least for honest, genuine, caring people like you and me.
Hugs, girlfriend. Keep being true to yourself and thanks for the new hashtag motto (#singleandlovingit). You are awesome.

Felicia-May Stevenson said...

Ah Yvonne, your words resonate with me. There is much I'd like to express but have been holding back out of respect for someone else's privacy. Someday, somehow, those feelings will have to be expressed.

Mich said...

beautiful <3