Friday, November 28, 2014

to love someone

to love someone

the mere thought of you
makes me smile all over
until today
now my heart just aches

i close my eyes and see your face
the sound of your voice, your laughter
rings in my ear and plays out in my mind
over and over

when we are together i never want to leave
and when we are apart
i feel a part of me is missing

i love you in the most honest
and innocent way possible
i always will

when you think of me
as i know you will
i hope your heart smiles too


Robin said...

This is sweet and heartbreaking at the same time...

Red Shoes said...

This sounds very sad... as Robin said, very heart breaking... and very personal...

I hope you are ok... *huggles*


Yvonne said...

Robin- yes, it was but it's getting better, or I am getting better. :)

Red- I'm ok now, or as ok as I can be. Every day is a little better than before. Thank you sweets :)