Tuesday, July 1, 2014

how i spent my summer vacation or something like that

guess what? i can't sleep.  you know what that means, don't you?  that's right kids, mindless jibber jabber from me.  or perhaps more love sick poetry.  meh.  moving on.  what is up bloggies? i'm finally back from cancun.  it was the most amazing and relaxing trip ever.  i seriously did not want to return. i may have even cried a little.  yeah i'm kidding.  i didn't cry. that much.  if you have never been to cancun, i highly recommend it.  or any other destination that has white, sandy beaches.  i was in heaven.  for seven days i did nothing but lay out on the beach, read, soak up the rays, jump in the pool and fall asleep to the music of the waves crashing in.  it was fabulous.  i have the fierce suntan to prove it.  i've been to cancun many times before, so this time my only plan was to relax and de-stress. which i did, tenfold.  of course, with the help of grey goose, malbec and flor de cana, my stress disappeared.  i also wrote a lot.  which was very good.  nights were reserved for dancing and mingling.  and checking out the hot men. there was an abundance of that.  i may or may not have rendezvoused with a certain cuban musician.  hey, when in rome and all that...  it was fun.  i had fun.  and that's all that matters.

how is your summer going so far?  do tell...

i hope i fall asleep soon.  work is going to be a bitch if i don't.

pray for me.

alright that's i have for you tonight.  

be  good.

ps  LETS GO USA!!!  I BELIEVE!!! #worldcupdreams2014


Anonymous said...

Ooooh Cancun. Lucky you! Hope you enjoyed every minute of that vacation. It's always sooo hard to go back to work that first day after. You're gonna stare blankly at your computer/desk for three hours I bet :)

GO USA! I have no idea how good Belgium is but what the hell... I BELIEVE! :)

David Batista said...

Oh (wo)man, that sounds like it was a blast! :) I have no idea how you can get back to work and a normal routine after a week like that. But I'm glad to hear you had so much fun while you had it. Go you!!

Robin said...

I think that this vacation couldn't have come at a better time for you. You NEEDED a break. So glad you relaxed and just had fun for a week. Woohoo!

Sandra Cox said...

Cancun....sounds wondrous.

Yvonne said...

Chris- It was so hard! I couldn't concentrate at all this past week. But thankfully, it was a short one!
Hope you are enjoying your holiday!

David- I had so much fun and came back so relaxed. And then I went to work. ha! Happy 4th!

Robin- very much so. it was a blast!

Sandra- welcome to my wacky world of chaos. thanks for the follow! cancun was amazing, i can't say it enough.