Sunday, January 19, 2014

Something Sweet

I was about a block away from my house when my phone rang.  I put the blue tooth in my ear and answered, it was my mom.  She wanted to know where I was and if I could bring her back something sweet.  I reminded her that there was nothing sweeter than me in her life.  She told me to quit being a smart-ass.  I don't know why she thought I was being a smart-ass.  Heh.  Something sweet.  In my mom's language that only meant one thing and that was, pan de dulce which literally means, sweet bread.  Pan de dulce for those not in the know, is tradionally a Mexican pastry, although, other Latin American countries also share the love for it.  Pan de dulce originated in Europe but quickly became the staple in the Mexican culture and in my house.  There were many a Sunday mornings that my brothers and sister and I, would sit down for breakfast and among the dishes at the center of the table, was a plate full of various pan de dulce.  Not to mention, pan con chocolate.  (sweet bread with hot chocolate) Oh my god.  Now that is heaven! A meloncholic smile came over my face, as I made a quick u-turn and made my way to the neighborhood bakery.  This was difficult for me to do because in my ongoing quest and new year resolution to drop the extra poundage, I gave up bread for the month of January, just to see how much I could lose and how strong my willpower is.  Oh pan (bread)  my one and only true love.  I'm on day 19 and while I have not physically harmed anyone yet, I have been quite a handful to my family and friends. (read: bitch)  You see why going to buy "something sweet" for my mother dear was torture for me?  Exactly.  But I digress.  Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that it would be just like Christmas season-busy on a Sunday evening.  But it was.  The parking lot was beyond full.  Was there a sudden shortage of sweet-bread descending on Houston or what?  And if so, why didn't I get the memo?  I mean it was crazy packed.  I almost turned the car around and left but  I didn't.  I knew my mom really wanted something sweet or she wouldn't have asked.  She never asks for anything.  So I parked (after circling for hours a few minutes) and braved the madness inside.  Now, I don't know if any of you dear bloggies, have  ever been to a panaderia (bakery) before, but I assure you, you've not been to any one that even resembles the one I go went to.  First of all, it was just as much of a madhouse inside as it was outside.  The cashiers are all in the middle of the store, the sweetbread surrounds them in glass cases that you can go and get yourself.  There are plastic silver platters and tongs at your disposal. I grabbed one such platter and tong and proceeded to the case that contained some of my mom's favorites.  On my walk over, I'm almost caught in what can only be described as a Mexican mosh pit.  Can you imagine the headlines?  "Woman flung in the air at local bakery! News at 11!"  Seriously, these people meant business.  I shimmied (true story) my way to nirvana the stupid case, put a few on my platter and continued on.  By the time I'd chosen all of my mom's faves, I was quite irritated and regretting my choice to come to this particular bakery.  Whatever. I proceed to get in the long line (It wrapped around the counter)  Errbody wanted sweet bread it seemed.  Kids running around, babies crying, ranchera music in the background... Quite the party going on, indeed.  Finally, after handing over my money to the nice lady, I walked out and into the safe confines of my car.  Whew!  That was close!

Happy Sunday kids!  It was an amazingly beautiful day here in Houston.  I hope it was for you too, in your little corner of the world.  Have a great week, you know the drill, make it happen.


ps- here are a few pics of the sweetness that is bread.  Damn you diet!!!!


David Batista said...

Dear god -- but that looks soooo YUMMY!

Whenever I eventually visit my brother in Houston, I ask that we meet up and you take me to this place. No, I BEG!

LOL! Happy Sunday to you, too.

Robin said...

That bakery is HUGE and it all looks amazing. I don't know how you went in there and didn't cave in.

So, are you seeing any positive results from this deprivation???

Bouncin Barb said...

Oh My God!!! Look at that beauty! I can only imagine the smells coming from there. I love my bread and especially sweet bread. I make it at Christmas but this year I didn't because I always end up eating it all. You're a good daughter for fighting the crowds! Hugs XX

Anonymous said...

Oooohh those do look tasty! I'm sure your mom was pleased that you fought the crowds (and your will power) to bring her some pan. I know how hard it is to give up something unhealthy -- whenever the weatherman predicts a major snowstorm everyone stocks up on essentials like milk, bread, canned goods. Not me. I'm out grabbing bottles of soda before I get snowed in!

Red Shoes said...

Hey you...

That sweet bread looks great!!!

For some reason, though... whenever I hear the term, "sweet bread," I tend to think of 'brains'...

I would prefer eating the sweet bread of the bakery over eating brains.. augh!

I hope things are going well for you...


Liza said...

Oh, this makes me hungry. I'm not sure I could give up bread. Ever.

Yvonne said...

David- They ARE yummy! And most definitely I'll take you there when you come down. :)

Robin- It was so hard for me. I LOVE bread! But yeah, I didn't cave. Yay me! I've noticed my clothes are roomier, which can only mean I'm losing inches. Baby steps.

BB- OMG the smell is hypnotic!

Chris- trust me, I know how hard it is not to give in. I almost cracked today but my will power won.

Red- HA! Sweet brains??? That's disgusting!!! Things are going well, thanks! :)

Liza- I am not sure how long I can keep this up. It's supposed to be for the whole month of January but I'm feeling very weak!!!