Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yvonne's Dating Adventures - Date No. 1 Recap

Alright bloggies, you asked for it (didn't you?) so here it is.  I finally gathered enough courage to get back into the dating world.  Let me tell you, enter at your own risk!  That being said, I met bachelor number one through mutual friends.  It was and wasn't a "set-up".  Ok it was, but we pretended that it wasn't and it made things easier for us.  Trust me.  He's a nice guy, is in the journalism industry, went to UT (University of Texas), has three siblings like myself.  He was born in Brazil but has lived in Houston since he was five.  He's easy on the eyes, great conversationalist and he's employed. Every woman's dream amiright?  After speaking on the phone for a few days and running into each other at the grocery store (yep.  really happened), *Joe asked me out.  (fake name obviously, duh!)  We met for dinner at a really awesome Italian restaurant.  He let me choose, so I liked him already.  Food was excellent, wine was heavenly and the date?  It was good. I mean, for it being a first date and all, and me being so rusty, it was a good date.  Trust me, it could have been worse. We have a lot in common and he loves the Astros (even now, even still) and, he has impeccable manners.  Whenever I would stand up to go to the ladies room, he would stand up too, and also when I returned to the table.  I absolutely love that.  You don't see that anymore, not much anyway.  After dinner we walked over to a jazz bar down the street.  A friend of his was playing that night and he wanted to check it out.  I was all for it, I love live music, especially jazz.  It was a nice night.  Ok not really, it was humid and felt like an oven outside but aside from that, it really was a nice night.  At the jazz place we talked some more, listened to some awesome music and around midnight, like Cinderella, he saw me to my carriage.  I could tell he totally wanted to kiss me.  But I wasn't feeling it.  So I met him halfway and kissed his cheek and he kissed mine.  Then he told me he would like to see me again.  He travels a lot, so he said it would have to be when he returned.  I agreed to see him again and we would "talk soon".  Well, no sooner had I gotten into my car and driven away than I get a phone call from him.  He wanted to tell me again what a nice time he had and hoped I enjoyed myself too.  We actually spoke the whole drive to my house. It was nice.  So yeah, I'm more than likely going out with him again.  We'll see.  Did I mention he is 30 years old?

Stay tuned...


Random Girl said...

Congrats on a good first date. that alone is victory regardless of what does or doesn't happen next. There cannot be enough said for a man with good manners and it sounds like this one has it down! Follow up is key with me and he scored points on that too. Dang girl, get date #2 on the calendar with this guy! said...

Woohoo! I'm excited for you, girlfriend. He sounds like a good one, a young, hot, gentlemanly Brazilian...Give yourself a chance for the attraction to go. Sounds like it/he could be worth it.


Robin said...

I say give it a chance. I have found that you can become more attracted to someone by what is on the inside (if the inside is attractive). The opposite is also true. Have you ever been really attracted to someone because they were so good looking, charming, blah blah blah, but they were really a terrible person on the inside? The more you saw that, the less attracted you became? Well, that is attraction working in reverse.

Allow yourself to get to know this guy on the inside. It is what actually counts. Everything else is just "packaging."

Anonymous said...

Awww yeah! Look at you Yvonne, dating a younger man! That's awesome. He sounds like a very nice guy, chivalrous and respectful. I'm glad you had a great time and I hope it does lead to a second date. Definitely keep us posted :-)

I don't know if you've checked my 'Amber' blog lately but I posted another small chapter of her story. You can read it here. (Sorry for spamming, I didn't get a chance to blog this weekend)

Don said...

Awwww, crapolla!

Here goes Yvonne, the Cougar Lady, dating younger men.

I was hoping she might date an ancient man like me who has been around the block more times than I can recall, because at my age my memory is even shorter than my pecker.

I'm just kidding, Yvonne. Go for all you can get, girl!!!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Robin has stolen my thunder on this one! Seriously, you may or may not have noticed that you just might be one that is more attracted to the 'bad boy' type, but that might not have worked out so well in the past... just sayin' is all. ;)
Give it a chance. See what happens. Honestly, a wild woman and a secure guy make a fairy tale all their own. I happen to know!

Yvonne said...

RG- RG!!! :) Date No. 2 tentatively scheduled upon his return. I'll keep you posted. And definitely scored major points for his impeccable manners, the standing up at the table thing, that just blew me away! :)

Robyn- Ha! I am just going to enjoy myself and see what happens.

Robin- I agree. I just want to see what happens, if anything, with this one...

Chris- ha! When he first told me how old he was I thought he was kidding but then he pulls out his drivers license and I freaked out a little. But eh, I'll see what happens! And I started reading your story but had to stop because my computer froze, so I'll go back and finish it up this weekend. I liked what I read so far. :)

Don - ha!

YRJ- Are you calling me wild??? hahahaha!