Sunday, March 17, 2013

kiss me, i'm not irish

happy st. patrick’s day kids!  and even if you don’t partake in this green beer-leprechaun-wear green or get pinched-kissing holiday- (ok so we all know it’s not really a holiday. we just treat it as if it was)  years ago, i knew this guy who loved, loved, LOVED st. patty’s day.  he had no irish blood in his body, yet he felt compelled to celebrate as if he was born in ireland.  once, when i asked him why he loved it so much, he replied, “green beer, green beer, green beer.”  -yeah, made perfect sense to me, how about you?  anyway, not to be outdone by my true irish friends and even my non-irish friends, i too, partook (that’s not even a real word is it? who wants to google it?)  where was i? oh yeah, i also took part (better yes?) in all the shenanigans of the day.  a group of friends and i started at a quaint pub in mid-town and walked or stumbled to a few more bars along the way.  i saw leprechauns and funny costumes, and lots of green top hats, drank green sangria because i’m not a beer drinker.  i know, i know, shocking!  there was laughter and live bands, and dancing and singing and people trying to speak in irish accents, not to mention awesome spring weather.  all in all, a good day.  a great day actually.  haven’t had too many of those lately, so today, i was grateful for the change.

i’m still trying to find my mojo again.  it’s temporarily unavailable.  i’m positive it’s here, somewhere deep inside of me.  i just haven’t been able to lure it back out yet.  but i will.  in the meantime, do me a favor, have a fabulous week! 
be good


Mynx said...

St Patricks Day isn't a huge holiday here in Aus but plenty of people do use it to over indulge.
I have never tried green beer. I think I should some time

David Batista said...

I actually do have Irish in my blood, through my mother's side. But we never celebrate this day. Never really understood the appeal. Perhaps because I don't usually go to pubs. But, wow, people sure do go overboard here in NYC on this day. I make it a point to stay home and away from all that craziness! :)

Éirinn go Brách!

Belle said...

I do remember wearing green to school on St. Patrick's Day so i wouldn't get pinched. Other than that, I don't celebrate it. Sounds like you had a good time and I'm glad.

Robin said...

I don't know if it will help you find your mojo, but I did dedicate something to you on the Thursday post. I hope you like it.

Yvonne said...

Mynx-I just like to watch people make total fools of themselves! lol

David- Smart man!

Belle- Thanks Belle!

Robin- Aww, thanks love!

Slyde said...

i just saw your mojo run past me.

i'll mail it to you.

Mind Of Mine said...

Happy belated Saint Patricks day from Dublin.

However, never call it Patty's day. It's paddy's day! :)

I hope you have a good one.

Yvonne said...

Slyde- can you send via fed-ex, please? I kinda really need it. Thanks, you're the best! ha!

Mind of Mine- Hey! Thanks for the follow to my blog or as I call it, "Crazy train". You are SOOOO right! I knew that it was Paddy not Patty. What WAS I thinking??? :)