Sunday, November 18, 2012

On my mind...

The Rant
What is the hurry with holidays this year?  First it was Halloween in August.  Then it was Thanksgiving before Halloween even passed.  And now Christmas is all over the Internet, the tv, the department stores, my friends' homes. (yeah, they've put up the tree and decorated already)  What the hell happened to Thanksgiving???  Everywhere I turn, someone is sticking a reindeer or a snowman in my face.  Enough already.  Enough.  What happened to the times where we waited in anticipation of winter break, of holidays, of special occasions?  No one wants to wait anymore. Everything has to happen now.  Ugh!  I want off the insanity train, please.  Thanksgiving is in a few days, and already Christmas music is blaring, Frosty the Snowman is going to air.  TOMORROW.  It's insane.  Don't misunderstand me, I love, absolutely love Christmas.  I love pretty much all of the holidays.  Heck, I'm still having Halloween parties flashbacks.  But I also love to savor and enjoy each one, at their own time.  I don't appreciate nor care to celebrate them all at once.  Does anyone else feel this way? Can I please enjoy Thanksgiving in peace?  I'm pretty sure baby Jesus will not mind.  Really.  And for the shoppers, seriously? Already camping out for Black Friday?  Why? Haven't you heard? Black Thursday is now the norm.  Retailers or as I have come to lovingly call them, "Ebeneezer Scrooges", have decided that their employees must work on Thanksgiving, because closing in observance of this day, will no doubt cause them to go bankrupt.  P-U-H-LEASE!  What's next?  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Personally, I'm going to enjoy spending time with my family and loved ones, and getting my turkey-on, and watching the Houston Texans kick some more ass. And I will not be shopping on Friday or Saturday or Sunday.  I get that life is short.  I get that some of you may be doing all of this out of fear that the Mayans were right in predicting the world will end in December.  But come on y'all, take a moment and breathe.  Take a moment to hug a loved one or  help your neighbor.  To say please and thank you.  Take a moment to live.

I just wanted to take moment to tell all of you that follow my blog, how grateful I am to each and every one of you.  This blog is my escape and my sanity.  And all of you have at one time or another, have helped me through some pretty crazy times in my life.  Whether you realize it or not.  So I wish a wonderful Thanksgiving and blessings to all!

In case you haven't heard, the Houston Texans are now 9 and 1 baby! The huge sigh of relief and elation could be heard throughout our fair city when they finally beat a pretty bad team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Today's game brought heart palpitations to all new high and drove some of us me to drink (more than usual). Our defense sucked. Everyone saw it. But in the end, we pulled out the win anyway.  Thank God.  We get to do this again in four days, when they play on Thanksgiving.  I think we are going to need defibrillators for that one.

The End
There.  I think I got everything off my chest that I wanted to. (for now)

Have a great week! It's a short one, make it count!

Gobble gobble.


Ruth said...

I am in complete agreement. There are Christmas trees up all over where my husband works. Ugh!
I am getting sick of hearing Christmas sales and ads. I guess I am already a little humbuggy and it's not even Thanksgiving.

Don said...


I don't see on your blog any way to contact you. I'd like to send you, by email, a link to a video I think you might enjoy because it is, from what I understand, a funny video of a Baptist minister in Houston.

If you will send an email to me addressed to then I can reply and send the link to you.


David Batista said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Yvonne! I tend to ignore all the Christmas preparations so early in the season until I'm ready to acknowledge them. Which usually happens in the second week of December. Anything earlier than that is unfathomable.

The Frisky Virgin said...

The black Friday stuff drives me insane. Seriously. Like you said, just chill, people! lol

I don't mind early holiday celebrations, since I'm a little holiday-crazy like that, BUT I will say that I think time is speeding up or something. Maybe it has to do with the retailers jump starting each holiday. I don't like to rush the holidays--I love them so much, I can't even handle the thought of them ending. lol

Congrats to your Texans!!! My Cowboys are doing soooo great...oh, wait...momentary lapse to the 1990s. :/

How could any of your followers not love you to pieces?! *Hugs* Have a wonderful and HAPPY Thanksgiving!!! *More Hugs*

Yvonne said...

Ruth- Oh I know! It's like they totally skipped Thanksgiving and went into Christmas mode.

David- Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing. I refuse to acknowledge Christmas until at least, Monday. ha! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, David!

FV- Long time no see! Hope all is well! The Texans are doing great, except Sunday I thought they were going to give me a heart attack!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And thanks for the hugs, I needed them. :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We are working ourselves to the bone around here and so looking forward to Thanksgiving. One day off, then it's back to the grindstone. Thanksgiving is my favorite and I refuse to let it get lost!

Yvonne said...

YRJ- Good for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!