Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good bye October

Happy Halloween bloggies! How is everyone tonight? So did you go trick-or-treating or watch scary movies?  Do tell!

When last we met, I was in a tizzy about trying to find the perfect socks to go with my costume.  You will be glad to know that I did indeed, find them.  If I don't chicken out by the time I finish this post, I will show you the picture where I channel my inner Shirley Temple. Maybe.

This past weekend was all about the Halloween parties.  I attended two on Saturday night.  The first party was at the home of a dear  friend of mine.  The theme was "Haunted Hollywood" -go as your favorite dead movie star.  They had a red carpet at the front of their house and spotlights.  Fancy...The only catch to be allowed in was that you had to take a canned good to get into the party.  At the end of the night, the hosts would load the boxes of canned goods collected onto a truck and deliver them to the Houston Food Bank, which is a local organization to help the hungry.  I thought it was a genius idea! .My friends tell me they collected four boxes worth of canned goods plus some anonymous monetary donations.  Is that cool or what? So anyway, M&M (Michelle and Maricela aka my partners in crime) and I, took pictures with every person at that party I think. Michelle tends to get camera happy sometimes.  Heh.  People were very creative with their costumes.  I dressed up as Shirley Temple, Michelle was Bonnie minus Clyde, Maricela was Cleopatra.  But we saw Elvis, his brother Elvis and his other brother Elvis!  Frank Sinatra was there too, as was Audrey Hepburn, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Lucy and Desi, Carmen Miranda and on and on, it was a star studded event complete with a live band, singing and lots of dancing.

Party No. 2 was held at another friend's home and it was also a hit.  There were games to be played, karaoke to be sung and scary stories to be told.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  As most of you know, I live in Houston, where our schizophrenic temperatures wreak havoc with our lives but even more upsetting, our hair!  But Saturday night, it was as if the Great Pumpkin himself, asked the weather gods to be kind to us.  The temperatures were in the low 50s, it was cold, windy and crisp!  I should know, the air going up my dress kept reminding me all night.  The most interesting costume at this party was a friend of mine who happens to be male, dressed as a woman.  But we couldn't really tell what woman. He donned a blond wig with ringlets that rivaled my own, wore a cute sundress with a blue jean jacket and his boots.  HILARIOUS.  By the end of the night he was answering to Honey Boo Boo, Betty Sue and Ugly Barbie.  His make up was even perfect.  Well, it was until he got plastered and ruined it.  Sunday was all about recuperating and reliving the funnies of the night before.  I'm still having flashbacks!  Tonight I met up with the girls and we headed to a Halloween Happy Hour.  And it was there that I saw him.  No, not the infamous "HIM", this him, was Indiana Jones.  IN.THE.FLESH.  Ok, ok, not the real Indy, but he was close enough. I couldn't pass the opportunity for a photo op, so I grabbed Michelle and we stalked approached him and asked if he would mind taking a picture with me.  He  flashed a Colgate smile and proceeded to scoop me up in his arms, asking, "How's this for a picture?"  I was at a loss for words (it happens sometimes, believe it or not) Michelle took the picture and we bid him adieu.  But not before chatting with him and making plans to meet up this weekend.  What? I was networking.

And so boys and girls, that is how I spent my weekend and my Halloween night.

 I would be remiss if I did not mention the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has wrought on New York and the surrounding areas.  My heart breaks for each life that was taken as well as for all of the people who have lost their homes be it to the flooding or fires. Watching the news and seeing how the subways  are now submerged under water and full of debris, scares me.  It's alarming and unsettling, that this can happen to a city that is so vibrant, strong and alive.  Once again, the city is brought to it's knees.  This time however, it was not by an act of terrorism, but rather, an act of nature.  Relentless and unbiased mother nature.

 The aftermath always seems more daunting and at times, hopeless.  At least that's been my experience with hurricanes and tropical storms.  But things will get better, you just have to keep telling yourself that over and over.  Godspeed New York.  Godspeed.

Good bye October, you've been simply grand.  See you next year.

But wait. There's more...

 Go ahead, laugh. I did.  :)


David Batista said...

Aww, love the pic. You look ADORABLE! :)

Sounds like you went all out on Halloween. Wow, you gals party HARD! But it's great to read how much fun you had. Thanks for sharing.

Also, thanks for your heartfelt wishes for us here in NYC. It means a lot.

Yvonne said...

:) Thanks D! We do tend to have a good time, more often than most. Heh, what's a gal to do???

Stay safe, sweets! said...

Where bon-bons play, happy greetings down in peppermint bay! So cute. I loved Shirley Temple. Sounds and looks like you had a great time. I hope you're still enjoying lots of treats.


Yvonne said...

Robyn- Ha! I sure did! :)