Monday, December 12, 2011

is it really only monday?

i'm so tired.  my brain is drained, my body aches, and yet, i can't seem to shut off the voices in my head that are screaming my "to do" lists (yes i have more than one) at me.  as if i wasn't aware of them already.  hmmf!  o.m.g.

what's up bloggies? as you can probably tell, i'm a little bit stressed.  and the icing on the cake? (there's always cake with me, come on now!)  i think i'm getting sick.  i can't get sick. not now. it's not a good time!  i don't really think there is ever a good time to get sick, but people are always saying that, "it's no a good time..."  meh.  but really, it's not!  work is literally kicking my ass.  we've had back to back to back trials in the past four weeks.  we're in the process of moving office buildings.  we're working on sending out mass mailing to all of our clients, courts, counsel, the mail man, etc., and we still have to pack up all of our crap this week and have everything boxed up for the movers.  moving day is saturday and will more than likely trickle into sunday.  guess what i'll be doing all weekend? be jealous.  my boss, or as i affectionately call him, "queso grande" (big cheese) obviously was not thinking clearly when he decided to move during the holidays. 


oh well.  it is what it is.  i'm grateful for my job.  in other news, amidst the chaos at the office and the impending move, i'm still going to somehow manage to find time to attend three office christmas parties this week.  i've got one wednesday, thursday and friday night.  hahaha, i'm a machine, i tell ya!  no worries.  i've seemed to have mastered the art of "not sleeping". 

so that's what's going on with me this week.  what about you?


Belle said...

First, I love the picture of you in a Santa outfit. It is not a good time to move, and I sure hope you don't get sick with all the great parties coming up. I hope you like your new office. Is it a nicer one than the one you are in now? Tell us all about the parties!

Jennifer Hillier said...

I hope you don't get sick! That was me last week and I was miserable. :(

Haha, I love the nickname "queso grande". I'm going to have to borrow that one.

And how adorable are you in that Santa hat?

David Batista said...

How did you manage three office parties? That's impressive! I wouldn't even be able to stand going to one. I missed my own office party, point in fact.

But I hope you don't get sick and can survive this hectic week. Hopefully the next week leading up to Christmas will be better! Hang in there!

Yvonne said...

Belle- haha, thanks! someone took it at a party last week. i'll write all about that soon!

jennifer- hahaha, thanks! yeah, i'm downing oj and vitamins like candy. i don't want to get sick!

david- i mastered it because i'm a ninja, don't you know? ;) actually, i worked until 6 then hit the parties afterward. they typically end about 9ish, so i still got home fairly early. the party this thursday, however, is going to be kkkkkrazy, so i'll be paying for it on friday morning at work, i'm sure. :)