Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The WOW guy!

I was reading another blogger's comment on my post: http://yvonnewritingmylifeaway.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-about-laugh-youre-welcome.html tonight.  The post was about my recent "love letter" from an inmate.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Inmate.  Stop it!

The comment was made by Frisky Virgin over at: http://thefriskyvirgin.blogspot.com/.  She's got a great blog! If you haven't checked it out yet, make the time time to do so! You won't be disappointed.  So anyway, Frisky asked me if I thought we'd ever meet the "Wow" guy.  You know the one she means right? The guy that literally takes our breath away and makes us go weak at the knees and results in us wearing a silly grin on our face all day long! The one that consumes are every thought, breathe, and dreams.  The one that brings out the best and the worst in us, the one that encourages us to be a better person, the one that makes us feels as if we are the most beautiful woman on earth and every sun rises and sets around us.  That guy.  That's the one FV and I are looking for.  That's the one that so many other single women are looking for.  Yeah, that would be the Wow guy.  My response to her question?   "I hope so."  And I do.  But sometimes, hope just starts to get harder and harder to do.  At times, I feel so discouraged and so let down and defeated.  So much so, that  I want to wave the little white flag and say, "Enough! I give up!"   And yes, I am all too familiar with the saying, "It will happen the minute you stop looking for it."  If I hear that one more time, I'm going to claw that person's eyes out.  You have been warned.  Bitter? No.  Not at all.  Just annoyed a little when people are so quick to tell me to stop looking, over and over and over again!  Enough! I'm  NOT looking.  I don't go out with an agenda to "find" someone.  I just go out to have fun, enjoy my friends and enjoy myself.  And if by some cosmic explosion or Superman's superpowers, I happen to find that "Wow" guy, well then, that is just a plus! In return, he'll see me, catch his breath, and utter the same thing, "Wow!"  What woman doesn't want that?

So FV, to answer your question, I don't know if we will ever find him or not.  We can only hope.


Mynx said...

I'm not totally sure hubby was my "wow" guy when I first met him. He sure was nice, friendly and easy to get along with. Kissing him was nice too. But one day, a while after we met I turned around and realised he had the "wow" I was looking for. Never stop looking. It will happen when it is meant to

The Frisky Virgin said...

Now, why would I want to stick pins in a doll that looks like you?! lol Honestly. *shakes head*

Oh, the "it'll happen when you're not looking" thing is getting old. Like you, I NEVER go out "LOOKING" for him. Can I help it that he just never shows the hell up?!

Yep, hope. That word again. Hope just never goes away, not really, not even in the most trying times. So, I guess it's always there in some form or fashion, whether you're in the mood to have it there or not.

So, I reckon hope is our only hope. Um, that sounded so Star Wars. Sorry. lol

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I'm hoping for you - and you never know when Superman's going to need to hit a bar.

Average Girl said...

I have been there, and felt that way Yvonne! I think what you and Frisky need, is my friend Brenda... she is the queen of making matches... if it wasn't for her, my better half and I would be still looking for each other!

Cinderita said...

I have to tell you..that yes I do believe you and FV AND ME will meet that WOW guy. If you give up hope, that means I have to, and i'm not ready to.

Yvonne said...

Mynx- That's really nice, when you are able to see that in him after having been with him so many years. Cheers to you on that! :)

FV- lol I know I was just trying to be silly! We HAVE to have hope! :)

Megan- hahaha, that's right! Thanks for your comment and for dropping by! :)

AG- awww, i think that's wonderful!!!

Rita- amen sister!

Sandra said...

Hi Yvonne! I think the Wow Guy is a nice thought, but I don't think he exists. Plus it sets us women up for such high expectations. I think we need to hope to find the "...ummmm...he's alright" guy. More happiness to be found in that guy :)

Yvonne said...

Sandra- lol stop bursting my bubble woman, you've got Wayne!!!! :) Actually, I do agree that it sets off high expectations to an extent. But what are you gonna do? "Ummmm, he's alright" guy is better than "Ummm, I guess he'll do" guy, that's for sure!