Monday, August 8, 2011

nothing really

Today was a good day. In spite of getting very little sleep, then oversleeping, getting pulled over as I sped along the highway to get to work, and almost having it out with a big, bad, Metro bus driver, while trying to pull into the parking garage.  What? It was in the way! Who parks the big ass bus in front of a garage entrance? And during morning rush hour no less!  Yep, in spite of all of that, today was a good day, for a Monday.  How about you kids? What's new? How was your weekend?  This inquiring mind wants to know! I'm nosey like that.  

Saturday night I went with M&M (aka the Three Musketeers) to a mutual friend's birthday party.  It was a swimming party thank God!  I mean, the only comfortable places to be in lately are a swimming pool or the shower.  Serious.  It's a billion degrees here! So anyway, there was plenty of libations, plenty of food, plenty of everything.  Great times were had by all.  Did I mention it was a pool party? It seems I forgot and as I opened the door to go into the house,  I met the floor instead.  It was wet, slippery and WET.  Yes, I fell on my ass slipped.  I slipped hard.  But I was a good sport and even tried to be graceful, holding my arms up  -gymnast style, as I landed on my butt.  Not too many people witnessed this pitiful occurrence.  Those that did, were too out of it to notice or just didn't care.  I regrouped quickly and sprung right back up.  Yes! Clean getaway! Or so I thought, from behind me I heard, "Careful, it's slippery in there!"  The voice of enlightenment came from the party planner himself.  I turned around and glared at him.  Wishing a thousand deaths upon him and his offspring.  Ok, ok, not really, but it sounded good right?  Shrugging off the "Great Fall of Yvonne", I composed myself, smoothed out my dress to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone, and continued on my merry way, into the house.  Sunday morning I awoke to excruciating pain on my right side, my right hip and my butt.  You'd think with all that cushion I have back there, that it would not be hurting so much. But it was.  Meh!  A few pain pills later, I was ready to go.

As you can tell from this post, I really didn't have anything interesting to say.  So I decided to torture you with mindless chatter.  Thanks for playing.

Be good!


Kelley said...

Ha! The WORST thing about falling is having someone ask you if you are okay. ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T SEE ME, MAN!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I hate it when I slip and fall on my big fat ass and you would think with having such a big fat bum it wouldn't hurt that much but no it still bloody well hurts...........if no when someone laughs at me I have the urge to shout abuse at them but no I don't as I am nice girl and do not use foul language.........hope the only thing really hurt was your

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

A pool party is always fun! Glad to hear it wasn't a worse outcome. Once when I was at a pool party, one of the guests ran right into a sliding glass door and left cracks all over the window in the shape of his body!
BTW, the rambling always makes for some juicy reading. Thanks! said...

The embarrassment is usually worse than the injury itself. Not sure that's true in this case. Ouch. I hope you heal quickly!

Yvonne said...

Kelley - AHAHA! So true!!!

Jo-Anne- Yes, fortunately, my pride got the worst of it.

YRJ- I'm glad too! lol

Robyn- I'm fine. Just a little sore. But yes, embarrassment was worse!