Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dream Big or Go Home!

This is the post that I had lost when Blogger went crazy a couple of weeks ago. Here it is again, in case you missed it before it disappeared.  -There's a lot of that going around lately.

A friend of mine, Jason Khristopher, just published his first novel.  It's a sci-fi thriller.  The Dying of the Light: End, (for those who love this type of stuff. It's a zombie thriller)  And while I'm excited for him and his accomplishment, I can't help but get down on myself.  I've been writing since I was about 11 years old.  My first short story was published in Readers Digest when I was fifteen years old.  I've had some of my poems and essays and short stories published in local and national magazines.  Those are some pretty great accomplishments wouldn't you say?  Damn straight they are!  Then why? Why do I feel empty and envious of my friend's success? I wrote my first novel when I was 31 and am currently working on my second one.  The first one remains unpublished.  I kept the rejection slips and letters in a box as a reminder to keep writing.  And I do, keep writing.  It just becomes a bit frustrating and disheartening for me at times.  I love to write, I live to write.  I breathe it.  I enjoy creating characters, telling stories, plotting storylines.  My biggest dream is to have my book published and turned into a movie.  Yeah, a la John Grisham or James Patterson style.  What? It could happen! My friend Jason went the self-publishing route and is selling his book on  And that's great! For him.  I don't want to go that route. I want the agent, the publishing house, the contract, the book signings.  I want that.  Is that so wrong?  People tell me, it's a different world we live in now, and "self-publishing is the way to go!".  But I'm stubborn.  I want to make it big the "old fashioned way".  Am I holding on to a fairy tale?  Maybe I just have a serious case of the "envies"  
Whatever the case, I'm a writer.  I have a gift.  I know this.  And one day, everyone else will know too.
Ok kids, enough "woe is me".  It's Wednesday! How's your week going?


Mynx said...

I envy you your drive and your knowledge of what you want to achieve. I enjoy the story telling but doubt I would ever consider publishing anything more than a letter to the editor. I know you will achieve your dream

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

As they say, genius is something no one, except fellow geniuses, can appreciate.

At least, that's what I tell myself when my parents are like, "YOUR WRITING IS DUMBZ."

Keep trying.

You DO Have a talent and a gift.

Belle said...

The most important clue you are a true writer is that you love doing it and it is your dream. I've seen your writing and you have such talent. Keep working at it, most writers were rejected hundreds of times.

I will say though, that since I got my e-reader I have bought many self-published books online for around $5. I didn't know they were self-published until I downloaded them and read the particulars. But it didn't matter to me, I had read the blurb on the book and it interested me so I bought it. Most of them have been good, one not so much. It could be a way to get noticed by publishers.

Yvonne said...

Mynx- thanks!

LDML- thanks for the follow! And thanks for your words! :)

Belle- Yah, I'm actually doing some research on it. I hate to do it this way but I also believe it's a jumpstart on getting it out there. Thank you for your encouragement!